But I Love It.

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David Gets In Trouble


This is a spread from the book David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon. Having a David ourselves, we are always tickled by poor David’s antics in these books. As Mr. V read it for Libbie last night, he and I both had to stop and laugh at this page.

Because this is basically our David’s excuse for everything.

“David, why did you hit Daddy?” “Because I love it.”

“David, stop hitting Joshua on the head with that!” “But he loves it!” “No one likes being hit by toys, David.” “Yes, they do!”

It’s hard to reason with a 3-year-old.

Our pastor spoke this week from 1 Samuel and briefly touched on Saul’s disastrous response to God’s direction to completely destroy the Amalekites. Sure, he destroyed them … most of them. Except not the good animals. Except not the king.

Samuel confronted Saul. Saul had the audacity to greet Samuel by saying, “I have carried out the LORD’s command!” And Samuel says, “Then what is all of this bleating of sheep … I hear?” Saul tries to defend his actions desperately. Lost under Samuel’s chastising, Saul spits out, “But I did obey the LORD!”

To me, he might as well have said, “But I love it! God likes it, I promise!”

It’s silly, isn’t it? A grown man, a king, standing heads and shoulders taller than all of his countrymen, making a declaration so absurd it can only be described as childish.

I’m thinking of what I say to God when I do something I know isn’t exactly in His path for me. I know He desires to meet with me every morning (and that was only reinforced AKA SMACKED ME IN THE FACE in my Bible study this past week). And yet I generally only manage to get up when my alarm buzzes once, maybe twice a week. Being honest, that are usually times that Joshua gets up early and I am fully awake after he eats.

It’s easy to defend it to myself. I am not getting enough sleep as it is; I have three little ones who frequently get up during the night. I need those extra minutes. God doesn’t mind. He tells me to lie down and sleep, right? (Proverbs 3:24)

David telling me Joshua loves being hit on the head does NOT make him love it. (“David, if Joshua is screaming I think it means he doesn’t like it.”) All the defense in the world does not make a wrong thing right. It doesn’t make a sin not a sin.


“But I love it” doesn’t cut it. Maybe it’s why I really detest the phrase “guilty pleasure.” Because if it you can profess that it’s something you shouldn’t be watching/doing/listening to/seeing … shouldn’t that be a sign to avoid said behavior/whatnot?

I don’t want to be a 3-year-old to God forever. Growing up in faith isn’t comfortable. My stomach hurts just thinking about waking up early each and every morning, truly refusing to give up some old habits. But growth is good. Painful. But good.

4 thoughts on “But I Love It.

  1. getting up early is not an issue for me…luckily I am an am person…granted i have 3 teenagers as well so that might have something to do with it..:0) my issue is making sure i focus ON the bible study at hand…..not worry about this and than and take the moment for God..in the middle of all the other nonsense that happens in this world…I fall short just about every day on that…

  2. Yes to all this. Our pastor was saying on Sunday how there is no “3 steps to holiness” even though we love to create a way to do anything difficult in 3 easy steps. He was saying how holiness is a lifetime of hard work and failing and accepting grace over and over and the growth seems slow sometimes. I think we all want easy. We’ve been conditioned to expect it. It is a sad commentary on our culture. I always say I want to grow in my faith, but then I am not willing to do the hard things. The daily things. Like getting up and spending time with him, as you say. Thanks for this post. Always nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂

    • It’s so human of us to want a checklist, isn’t it? We want to DO something when really it’s God who is doing the somethings. We are spoiled Americans who expect things to be easy. In Katie Davis’s book she talks about how when she came back to America after being in Uganda for a year she hated that she didn’t “need” to rely fully on Jesus here. Have you read/done the 7 thing from Jen Hatmaker? I found it pretty enlightening and am still working through it in my head and home months later.

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