Welcome to my couch.

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Welcome to my couch! | Jessie Weaver

In October, after I went to the Allume Conference, I wrote this.

Readers, I want to invite you into my living room. Onto my couch. The rest of the room is probably littered with toys, purses, diaper bags, craft supplies, an empty coffee mug or two, the throw pillows my children INSIST go on the floor, and cracker crumbs. But I can clean the couch off, and I can probably manage to get those pillows back on there.

I want you to sit with me and look me in the eye. I’m going to tell you about how I’m a mess. Not just literally, although that’s true, but inside. Some days I feel like I want to hide in bed rather than face mothering again. Some days I’d just like my body for myself instead of being nursed on and climbed on and pulled and pinched. Some days I want to give in to Satan’s lies that tell me these kids would be better off without me, my husband is going to run off on me because I’m such a disaster, and God must be ashamed of me.

I will probably cry, just so you know. But I’ll also feed you, because that’s what I do. I love to cook and I love to feed. I will make your Great-Aunt Hoopti’s recipe for Fish Egg Stew with Homemade Ketchup and Steak Tartare if it will make you happy and feel loved.

And finally! We are here. I am slightly redesigned, I am rebranded. I am me. I’m excited to welcome you to JessieWeaver.net. We will probably be talking about a lot of the same things we have for the past seven years. But I also want to focus more on sharing devotions with you, talking more about how I deal with a messy life, and really invite you into my living room and my life.

I am so excited about this transformation. I have to throw out a GIANT THANK YOU to Amy Bennett, who helped me tremendously. I have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to the technical part of blogging, and I could not have done this by myself at all.

So come sit with me while my kids are planted in front of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. What’s going on in your life? 

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my couch.

  1. I’m a mess…I thought the hard part with kids was the teething….potty training..tubes in ears…the broken bones…the sleepless nights…HA HA HA…i am here to tell you that its worse now..i have 3 teenage girls…17,14 and 12….in my darkness moments i think God is punishing me for something i did in my past as a lesson because this is SOOOOOO HARD!!!! yes, my hubby is thankfully with me on this journey and i believe has my back..but there are times when we are attacking each other as well..right now is just awful..I pray..I cry…every am after my devotional i write out in my prayer journal begging God to help me…I DO know he hears me..I DO believe….but am i patient enough to remember to listen????…HA i am not…i mean i DO ask for MORE patience alot of times in my prayers…i am just not sure what i am missing…or what i am suppose to be realizing(?) experiencing(?) thru all this drama…AND ITS DRAMA to the NTH degree…the girls come by the theatrics naturally, if you didn’t already guess that..BUT i don’t believe i am nearly as bad as the girls…:0) I love my girls..I love my hubby….I love my God…and i am realizing the order needs to be shifted..and i am working on that as well…i just would like the road to stretch out nice and even for a bit…no more pot holes…or CRATERS…is that too much to ask?

  2. I love your new look! What’s going on in my life? Are you sure you want to know? LOL! We’re going crazy waiting for Visas to return to Congo that should have been here 3 weeks ago. Of course, we had to have airline tickets to apply for the visas, so now we are locked into a date that is quickly approaching- March 11. I’m sure it will all work out now.
    So I’m packing up for 3 years of life overseas with growing kids- clothes, school books, etc. It’s almost over though!
    That would explain why I’m randomly spending lots of time on the computer today- procrastination!

    • Oh my! That is a lot going on! I’m going to have to read your blog and find out about your Congo trip. That’s amazing. A friend of mine grew up in the Congo, where her parents still minister.

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  4. What’s going on? Well, sweep those throw pillows back on the floor, because I will need room to get comfy!
    I am a migraine mess with 2 beautiful girls, 3 and 6, and hubby that works nights. I’m trying to swing, read, play, and cuddle while maintaining home, car, yard, finances, and many medical needs. Hubby needs “rest” and can’t participate too much in family life. We’re fighting an immigration battle on top of that. I am not a thin, pinterest-perfect mama, with glossy swingy hair. I’m so tired and so glad to know we can cast all our mess and cares on the broad shoulders of Jesus. Without him, I would slide right off your couch, even if the crumbs gave me “crumb-burn”. :love your post.

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