Special Easter Breakfasts

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Last month, my friend Sara got me connected with fellow East Tennessee bloggers on Facebook. I love connecting with local bloggers – you know, people who GET what I do on this space.

This month we’re collaborating to share wonderful Easter ideas and posts with you. Here are the other posts.


Our family has a long tradition of special occasion breakfasts. My daddy often made us a big breakfast on days when we had tests, our birthdays, Christmas, and other special days. Fried hashbrowns, sausage, eggs to order, corned beef hash …. yum.

I’ll admit I tend to bake sweeter breakfasts when I want something special. I love baking, and I have a sweet tooth. Here are some fun, Springtime breakfasts you could serve up on Easter!

Vanilla Baked Donuts with Springtime Decorations

Vanilla Baked Donuts are delicious and pretty easy if you have a donut pan. Add some pastel sprinkles or colored sugar and your donuts are Easter-themed!

bread machine monkey bread


My mom would make monkey bread pretty often for holidays or other occasions, so I guess I relate it with the “special breakfasts” category. This is my bread machine monkey bread. And it’s delicious! (P.S. You can stuff the balls of dough with cream cheese to make “Gorilla Bread.” And it’s even better.)

orange-coconut sweet rolls


Last year on Easter – even though I had just had a baby two weeks before – I made Orange-Coconut Sweet Rolls. I love, love, love the combination of citrus and coconut. The dough in these is made with coconut milk and you roll marmalade in them. Perfect Spring flavors!

If you’re not a coconut fan, I also have a great recipe for Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls.

Here are a few more ideas from around the blogosphere.

Be sure to scroll up and check out those links from my fellow East Tennessee Bloggers.

 What’s your favorite holiday breakfast to make?

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