This is a fashion emergency. OK, that might be a slight overstatement.

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I bought this scarf from Cents of Style. It was on sale for $10. I love lace. It should be a match made in heaven.

cents of style infinity scarf


It came the other day. And just like when I ordered it, I still have no idea how to wear it. It is mint with ivory lace. What do I wear under it? Do I wear it double looped? How do I not feel doofy in a scarf? HELP!!!

{You can take into mind I am plus-sized, well-endowed, and a little short-waisted. Here are some pictures of me wearing clothes if that helps.} {I’m pretty sure there are not any pictures of me NOT wearing clothes in existence. Just in case you were concerned.}

15 thoughts on “This is a fashion emergency. OK, that might be a slight overstatement.

  1. That scarf is beautiful! I think you can do a lot with it. Chambray shirt and khakis (and leopard flats?); black shirt and jeans; various shades of brown top or dress; and grey. Look on Pinterest for ideas on how to wear it. I love scarves and wear one almost daily. I started counting mine the other day but got distracted at 25.

  2. I agree with Becki that chambray would be a good option. Try a cream top with jeans, a navy top, maybe even coral? I searched mint scarf on Pinterest and some great outfits came up. I wear a scarf probably 4/7 days a week. Love them.

  3. Just mess around with it. Try it with a black top, definitely try it with chambray or a denim jacket. I find that scarves look best when I wear them with sort of “forgettable” tops. Let the scarf be the showpiece of the outfit, and not competing with anything else. Although I bet the leopard flats would be cute with it!

  4. I love scarves! That one is so cute! I would keep the outfit pretty basic so that the scarf is highlighted. Maybe some pearl earrings & bracelet? I would probably double loop the scarf (like in the picture) but you can play around with it and see how it looks on. Pinterest has great ideas.

    • Oooh, I always love when you combine mint and navy. I will have to try that one! Maybe one of my issues is that I don’t have a lot of solid-color things in my wardrobe. I need some basic tops.

  5. Jessie, try kohl’s for khakis. I just bought a pair for less than $5! I was so excited that I didn’t care they are about 4 inches too long. Hadn’t thought of navy. That’s a good option as well.

  6. Jessie, since I share both your genes and your body type, I know that wearing scarves can be tricky. One way to make the scarf seem less bulky is to wear a light swing sweater in a dark color the covers the edges of the scarf. This will lengthen the line of your upper torso but still show off the beautiful scarf. As you know, I wear scarves almost every day and have learned to love them since I learned how to wear them. P.S. Your scarf does not have to match anything else in your outfit as long as it does not fight the other colors.

  7. Try a ultra-plain black tee and some jeans. Now loop the scarf a little unevenly, one layer longer. Put one some awesome flats and earrings and BOOM! Instant cool outfit!

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