Worshiping with the Senses, Decorating when You Have No Sense

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I’ve been mostly recovering from the weekend around here, but I did manage to write two guest posts for two people I love very much!

dough bowl with golden applesAt my aunt’s site, Got My Reservations, I wrote a post that I titled “Tablescaping for Dummies.” She’s made it into a she said, she said between the two of us as I talk about how I put together a pretty awesome tablescape for my sister’s engagement party. I LOVE how the post ended up!

Jessie: When you are a self-confessed imbecile when it comes to home design, it’s a little intimidating to have your aunt, who blogs about tablescapes, come visit while you’re preparing to throw a dinner party. Really, though, it was a great blessing. The Expert went through my cabinets and drawers, helping me throw together a fantastic tablescape using only what I had. [Keep reading …]

Incense censerAnd at OhAmanda, I wrote a piece about worshiping with all our senses, and what the biblical precedent for it is. I’d love if you would go read it and leave a comment for Amanda.

One of my best college friend’s wedding was very high church. He is an Episcopal priest, and the wedding was complete with big bishop hats and a fellow priest with an incense scepter swinging back and forth.

I’ve always thought the whole smelly incense thing was kind of weird. It’s probably due to my highly sensitive nose, but also the fact that I attended (and still attend) a Southern Baptist church growing up. We’re a little wary of anything mystical and churches that don’t have an altar call. Just sayin’.

But this past week it’s become very clear to me why the high church has incense. [Keep reading …]

I hope you’ll go and visit these two wonderful sites. And if you clicked over here from one of those places, Welcome to My Couch! Get comfy, have a bite to eat, and I hope you’ll come back.

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