And I Wonder Why the Days Feel So Long

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a day in the life

Alarm goes off at 5:30. Tried to hit snooze but the button sticks. Wake up at 6 with Mr. V’s alarm. Guess I turned mine off. Almost surprised I heard his alarm, because I’ve perfected ignoring it after years of practice. Baby cries wake me instantly; the loud radio static he uses as an alarm I can sleep through fine.

Warm up some cold coffee and catch up on the past few days’ devotionals at She Reads Truth. I just finished up a Beth Moore study, and I’m missing the more in-depth Bible study so I need to find something else to go through. Hard to stay consistent when I’m not in a group, though! I love SRT for that. Always something to think about for the day, too.

Take a shower – the novelty! – and get dressed. Libbie comes in our bedroom at what my clock says is 6:58. “Does your clock say 7?” Mr. V asks. She says yes. Which as I walk past her room, I realize is a boldfaced lie. Send her back to her room until 7:10 for lying, then have a talk and prayer with her. Ay yi yi.

Libbie doesn’t go to preschool on Mondays, so they are long days. Decide to make cheese toast for breakfast. “I DON’T WANT THAT” – both older kids. Make it anyway and serve with vanilla yogurt and strawberries. When I bring out the yogurt while the toast is in the oven, Libbie throws a mean old conniption fit. “WHERE IS MY FRENCH TOAST?” Well, she obviously misunderstood me. And she gets to go back to her room for 10, no 20 minutes because she refuses the first time and is kicking her daddy.

Such a pleasant way to start the day.

Joshua happily eats the cheese toast.

David eats the yogurt, Libbie eats the toast. Later, David eats Libbie’s yogurt too. And then he eats his toast at some point.

So during the rest of the morning, David has two wet-accidents in his underwear, Libbie and David play outside and then David cries incessantly when he realizes he left his cars outside. They beg for snacks, so I relent and make strawberry-banana smoothies with peanut butter. Mostly because I haven’t actually eaten anything yet. Yum!

Lib and David start a space puzzle in David’s room. Then dump out every Duplo block in the middle of his floor. Joshua tries to remove every DVD off our media shelf, which is his personal favorite activity. He goes down for a nap.

The big kids want to watch Frozen … again. Libbie says this is the seventh time she’s seen it. I am trying to do umpteen loads of laundry today so I let them; we hadn’t watched any TV yet. They watch it all, including all the extras (for the first time), and we find out you can watch music videos of Let It Go in FOUR different languages. I think one of them is Malaysian?

I make homemade spaghetti-os for lunch with chopped up chicken sausage instead of meatballs. And – HUGE SURPRISE – they don’t like that don’t want to eat it how could I be so cruel and unusual. I promise, these kids like pasta with red sauce. I’ve made this several times before. I sigh and serve it anyway, after finishing it with Joshua on my hip sucking on his bottle. Libbie refuses to eat it. David eats four bites. Joshua eats his.

Time for a couple books on the loveseat, then we head out to the library. David is at the point where he will try to have long conversations with complete strangers while I chase down Joshua through the shelves. Why can’t I remember to bring the Ergo when I need it!? I grab my books off the hold shelf and let them pick some. We find The Day the Crayons Quit, which Jill recommended as a funny read, and are glad to take it home along with a giant stack.

It is rest time! Hallelujah! We read The Day the Crayons Quit first, then Libbie goes to her room (which also has David’s bed), Joshua goes to the crib, and I put David in our bed today. Start reading to David to lull him to sleep. Libbie is playing with her dollhouse on the other side of the wall from Joshua’s crib and Joshua is screaming. Calm Joshy, ask Libbie to do something else in her room, back to David. Libbie is singing Frozen songs at the top of her lungs. Ask her to please be quiet. Back to David, read a few pages from some old chapter book that belonged to Mr. V. And he falls asleep. MIRACLE. Ask Libbie to PLEASE take a nap so she can play Mario Kart with Daddy. (Yes. We bribe.) AND SHE DOES. THEY ARE ALL ASLEEP. THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

There are 5,000 things I should do, but instead I see I have a Klout perk for Moo cards, so I design business cards with my new site URL, do some more laundry, and stare at the dirty kitchen.

Mr. V gets home, the kids get up, and the Mario Kart commences. More laundry. How do people EVER keep up with laundry if they have more than three kids? Read several more books from the library.

Dinner in the dining hall. No one has a meltdown AND it’s soup night. Yay! Now only if the kids did not ask about having ice cream the entire meal. It’s definitely time for summer and reconditioning when it comes to food. Not to mention I usually lose 7-10 pounds in June not eating at the dining hall. One of these years I’m going to figure out how to eat there without overeating. Sigh.

(Note to self: try to lose that weight without getting pregnant. Seems like every time I lose 5 pounds I get pregnant.)

After dinner we see some of the dorm boys kicking around a soccer ball in the parking lot. Mr. V plays with them for a while; Libbie and David chase the ball. When Joshua gets too wriggly we retreat to our apartment. ANOTHER load of laundry to fold. (I think I did 6 loads total. Ack.) Clean up the kids’ rooms a little.

David gets in trouble because he wants to play, not pick up. Following through stinks, and he ends up going to bed in the t-shirt he was wearing all day and a pull-up. Joshua in bed. Bible story read to kids, teeth brushed. Daddy tries to pull out Libbie’s incredibly loose tooth, but no go.

Color with Libbie for awhile, which is her Mommy-time activity of choice. Daddy reads her The Day the Crayons Quit again. I read her Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella. And then she get lavender oil on the feet and in bed.

Mr. V and I fold more laundry, wash dishes, and then play a game on his iPad. Which we are doing when the tornado warning alarm goes off on my phone around 9:45. So we have to get the kids out of bed and huddle in the hallway, watching Robin Hood via Netflix on my laptop. 10:30 comes and although there may have been a tornado north of us, the storms weren’t too bad here. Get kids all back in beds.

I am so, so tired. But the thunder and lightning are so loud I lay awake for at least half an hour. And finally, FINALLY zzzzz …


I always find it interesting to read others’ day-in-the-life posts. I was feeling like although yesterday was very, very long, it was also a day where I felt successful in disciplining, not in a pit of depression, and tried to give love. I did not take a single picture, because I wasn’t planning on writing this. But it wanted to come out.

6 thoughts on “And I Wonder Why the Days Feel So Long

  1. First off ((((HUG)))) I never got to be a stay at home I “wistful” read your blog hoping for a glimpse of ur everyday life..SOOO THANK U!! & while I don’t care for the current ages & mood swings & pressure/society of teenagers..I’m glad my girls are 17..14..& 12..ur slogging thru some rough stuff Jess so KUDOS!! I’m glad ur stating goals & doing little ones… YOU CAN DO IT!!

  2. Wow! I’m tired too just reading this, but it also makes me feel not so alone with my babies at home. I’m and older mom with five kids and two babies at home all day. I get tired just watching them go go go. I couldn’t imagine three at home. You got this! 🙂

  3. It is a busy day! As moms, we can sometimes get to the end of the day, and feel like we “didn’t do anything.” It’s nice to see where your time is going. 🙂

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