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I’m great at being a girl mom. I have the skills for crafting, coloring giant princess pictures (one of Libbie’s favorite bonding times), fixing hair, and painting toenails.

This boy thing, though. It’s foreign to me. I grew up without brothers. I had some male cousins, but I lived pretty far away from my relatives and I didn’t see them too much.



I’ve spent a lot of time with this fella since August. His sister is in pre-school three days a week, so it’s just Joshua, David, and me 15 hours a week. And Joshua usually naps a lot of that time.

David can be both very mellow and incredibly insane. As far as little boys go, he’s not destructive or reckless. He will play in his room for 2 hours by himself (although those times are getting much less frequent). He adores fire engines and trains and Lightning McQueen. And then there are those times he pops out something that just seems so BOY – something I can’t imagine Libbie ever, ever saying.

Me: “Let’s go find Sissy now!”
David: “Yeah! Let’s go kill her!”

Me: “Are you talking to your chocolate milk?”
David: “I am talking to it. And now I am drinking its blood. Mmmmm.”

I’m never quite sure whether to be shocked and appalled by these matter-of-fact statements or just accept them as three-year-old boyisms.

I never pictured myself as a boy mom. But right now, even in the midst of the Torturous Threes,  I have a lot of fun with my David-man.

How can you not giggle when your child says, “If your chocwate miwk is squishy, you should frow it in the twash.” Or, “My favwite kind of dinosaur is TEE WEX! RROOOOOOOAAARRR. And I wike dinosaurs that are dark gween and light gween and dark wed and light wed and dark bwack and light bwack.”

I can only imagine the adventures of this boy mom-hood as Joshua gets old enough to talk and play too!

Do any other boy-moms have advice to share?

3 thoughts on “Boy Mom

  1. Once again you make me smile. Being a boy-mom is fun! Just wait until he starts taking things apart to see how they worked. Yes, worked, because in our case they never would work again. 😉

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