#SIMPLEgiving: Because Giving Really Can Be Simple

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I would like my life to be characterized by giving. (Because I want to be like Jesus, and who is God if not the Great Giver? Read 1 Timothy 6:17.)

Since I made the decision to give away the money I make blogging here, I have felt much more free when it comes to my life as a blogger. I love taking opportunities, because it means I will be able to make more Kiva loans, send more money to my Compassion children’s families, or donate to a cause that my readers recommend. (You can see the places we’ve supported here.)

That’s why I jumped at the chance to be involved and spread the word about the #SIMPLEgiving project going on through Champions for Kids right now. I get to tell you about it, do my own project, and plus I get to donate the stipend they give me! I think it’s only fitting we use this check to help stock the shelves of a food pantry, don’t you think?

Champions for Kids wants to bring attention to the hunger problems we have here in the U.S. Just read this.

Did you know that 9.8 million kids – more than ever before – get free or reduced price school breakfast on an average day, but 10.6 million eligible kids go without? Hunger has a huge effect on how a child performs at school. (And the numbers are even worse during the summer.)


So as an organization they are challenging people to commit to a lifestyle of giving. And really, giving can be SIMPLE.

First off, until May 5, there are big purple bins in 1400 Wal-Mart stores where you can donate nonperishable items. The donations go to schools in that school district.

Secondly, Champions for Kids is challenging you to do your own #SIMPLEgiving project. Help collect breakfast items and donate them somewhere that helps kids – a school, a food pantry, a daycare, a homeless shelter.

Breakfast items #SIMPLEgiving

I decided to collect food for a ministry here in Chattanooga that I work with and support, Angels of Mercy Ministry. It is run mainly by one retired couple out of their home, but they are able to help SO MANY people in need in our own city. It’s been a joy to see their ministry.

So I started by asking my small group if they would bring some breakfast things to our last meeting. Two couples remembered – that was a start! Then I asked the dorm boys if they would be willing to give a dollar or two. I didn’t get much, but every bit counts, right?

To you, this might seem like a small amount, but to the people who receive it, to the kids who get to eat breakfast that day, it is love. It is knowing someone cares.

This project opened my eyes some, too. I think many people want to help others, but they just don’t know how. When Angels of Mercy was desperate for heaters this winter, I asked on Facebook if anyone could help, and was able to buy four space heaters. It can never hurt to ask!! It’s easier than you think to bring people together to help others.

I’d like to ask you to join me in giving today, too. I created a wish list on Amazon for Angels of Mercy Ministry. Would you consider spending a few dollars helping them? Or find your local pantry and donate!

Go out and give! It’s SIMPLE.

And because I’m interested in how your family gives, how are you teaching your kids about giving? What places do you support?

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. 

4 thoughts on “#SIMPLEgiving: Because Giving Really Can Be Simple

  1. You are so right, Jessie! Sometimes you just have to ask. Good for you for taking the initiative. We love to raise money as a family. Most frequently, our kids ask for jobs/chores to do to earn extra change that they then save up to buy things for the food pantry or donate to the crisis pregnancy center. They are such natural givers and I hope we can always encourage that!

  2. we support several charities thru our church..mostly because i know and trust my church to make sure the donations go to the people its helping not the peeps who run the organization..that is a bigger scam than i realized..plus it brings a healthy mission part to it as well for the girls. the missions thru the church are also more personal so the girls have their eyes opened more…

    • Yes, it can be hard to find a trustworthy charity, which is sad. I am glad your church is there to filter out the great ones! And it is a wonderful way for your kids to see what is out there.

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