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I have to admit that I don’t actually read that many blogs regularly anymore. After a phase this winter of reading almost none, letting my reader get backed up to more than 200 posts, I decided to trim down my must-read list to under 20 blogs. I read a lot of links from Twitter and Facebook, but this small set works well for the time I set aside to read.

By doing this, I would say I’ve become a devoted commenter and lover of this set. And lately, a huge fangirl of these two women: Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy and Kayla Aimee.

Anne shares my passion for reading, and she writes about it. She’s encouraged me to write more here about books. She also writes about being a modern-day accomplished woman and what that means. I’m most of the way through her e-book, How She Does It, and it’s been such a refreshing read for me in that, “Oh hey, IT’S NOT JUST ME!” kind of way. I love everything she writes. Seriously. It’s well thought-out, provoking, and grammatically correct.

You might remember that I met Kayla Aimee when we traveled together to the Allume conference. Since then, we’ve gotten to be friends. But I don’t love her blog just because I love her – I love it because it is fun, funny, and inspirational. Kayla has a micropreemie daughter named Scarlette, who is a hoot. Kayla shares Scarlette stories – both serious and hilarious – as well as writing about decor, books, faith, and just everyday life. Her slightly self-deprecating humor and willingness to expose her weaknesses make Kayla an endearing, wonderful blogger.

I think the other thing about these two sites is that they have devoted readers who comment. Reading the comments on their posts is almost as fun as reading the post itself.

I long to have that kind of community here. But these two women have put in the work and it’s well-deserved on their parts.

Favorites from Modern Mrs. Darcy

Favorites from Kayla Aimee

Do you have any recent blog crushes?

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  1. I don’t know of anyone who DOESN’T love Anne Bogel. Her comment section gives me faith in comment sections again. I popped over from your How She Does It guest post. My husband is a band director, so I felt a kindred spirit with a fellow writer/teacher wife.

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