Run, Run, Runaway Run

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Have you ever had a time where you feel like you’re running from the one thing you’re supposed to do?

I have read a lot of books in May. Eight, says GoodReads, if you count an e-book (I do). Even for me, this is a pretty staggering number – I may finish two more before the month is out.

In a way, though, I feel like all the reading is me hiding from writing. Even sitting down here now, with the new post screen open, seems daunting. Why?? I’ve been doing this for years and years. I have things I could write about, posts floating around on slips of paper or in half-started paragraphs. I have a few last devotionals I want to write before I work on trying to make my devotional book actually available to others.

Maybe it’s that today’s the first day in three-and-a-half weeks that my throat has not felt awful due to strep throat and the apparent thrush that followed it from antibiotics.

Maybe it’s Satan wanting to prevent any good, to beat me down yet again when it comes to this devotional that’s been stored in my heart for years.

Maybe it’s end-of-the-school year, two family weddings this summer, knowing the lack-of-a-schedule that is about to ensue.

I don’t know.

But every time I face my computer, I think, Oh, I’ll do it later. And then it’s been weeks since I wrote anything substantial and it makes me angry at myself.

All that to say: I am here. I am fighting the writer’s block, Satan, and whatever else is keeping me away. Please pray for me! I love you, dear friends and readers.

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