A Week of Lunches (for a Picky Eater)

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I’ve been sharing Libbie’s lunches this week on my Facebook page. I love getting inspiration for lunches, as I want my kids to enjoy a variety of foods. With Libbie being a fairly “selective” eater (ahem), it can be a little bit of a struggle. And it feels like most of the lunches I see on Facebook or Pinterest either involve lots of foods she wouldn’t eat or things that would take me two hours to assemble. Which is cool, if that’s your thing! But it’s not mine.

So in hope of giving you inspiration, here are Libbie’s lunches from this past week, with recipe links. For those of you who have also seen these on Facebook – would you rather see them in a weekly digest like this or with the daily pictures or both? I’ve enjoyed conversing this week on FB about lunch foods and freezing tips!


Monday : Maple Roasted Turkey, cheese cubes, apple slices, half a banana, pretzels, no-food-dye candy pieces from EarthFare. I toss the apples in water with a little lemon juice so they don’t brown.


Tuesday: Ham and cheese sandwich on homemade wheat bread, more Maple Turkey, tortilla strips, golden melon balls, grapes, and a few mini marshmallows.


Wednesday: Cheese stick, whole wheat strawberry-cinnamon baked doughnut, raisins, apple slices, pepperoni muffins (my kids do not like this … now I know), and a slice of the turkey.


Bonus: this was David’s lunch on Wednesday. He is my less-picky eater. He had a cheese stick, a sliced peach, and Banana Bread Pancakes. He does eat a snack before lunch at school, so he’s not as hungry at lunchtime.


Thursday: Ham, cheese, and Italian bread “kebabs”; fruit and cereal bar; trail mix made from raisins, craisins, peanuts, and chocolate pieces; Spinach Cake Muffins; grapes.


Friday: Homemade spaghetti-o-penne with cut-up hot dog, the same Spinach Cake Muffins she didn’t eat yesterday, banana, raisins. The spaghetti-o’s recipe I use is from the Once a Month meals Survive Before 5 e-book. It’s similar to this one, but different enough that I keep going back to the original in the e-book.

So are you a lunch-packer? Does your kid buy? Do you send the same thing every day or try to mix it up a bit?

10 thoughts on “A Week of Lunches (for a Picky Eater)

  1. LOL, I don’t have a kid, but pack every day. Peanut butter, for dipping the apples or on grahams, is good (confession: I treat pb on grahams as a sandwich, sometimes). I do a lot of homemade soup. Does she like oranges? We are almost to clementine season – YAY! (er, I may be slightly obsessed). Does she like any raw veg – bell peppers, carrots, celery? Nice to have a little ranch or hummus as a dip. Love the kebab idea – if she likes pineapple, chunks would go well with the ham.

    • She really will not eat vegetables. She will eat broccoli at dinner if it’s to get to dessert or something else. Occasionally a piece of raw spinach, which I find baffling. But it comes and goes in phases, so I just keep trying. She has always had problems gagging on certain textures. She does sometimes eat sweet potatoes, which is something, right? She likes mandarin oranges. Oranges with any kind of membrane she sucks the juice out of. Ay yi yi.

  2. It’s fun to see all the food together for the different days of the week. I don’t pack school lunches, but when we were traveling a lot (or hiking!) I packed some in divided containers for our family of 5. Everyone can have their preferences, and it’s simple to do. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing these. I pack for my almost 2 and almost 4 year old for the babysitter’s every day. Our kids are a little picky too and it seems as though we go through the same rotation on a weekly basis. I like the idea of the ham and cheese kabobs. My boys like rollups so we will do PB&J, or ham or turkey with cream cheese on a tortilla. Veggies are hard to get them to eat too, so we’ve gotten creative with pureeing it into homemade mac and cheese or adding to our pasta sauce or meatballs. My one question for you is, where did you get the stainless bento box/tray? It looks like it has a lid too. Please share! Love your blog, keep on keeping on!

    • It is a Planet Box. They are expensive, but the stainless steel should last 10 years. It does have a lid that flips over and locks. I am not anti sneaking veggies by pureeing! I think most of Libbie’s issue is textural, so sometimes purees work.

  4. Thanks for all the great ideas and recipe links…can’t wait to try some of them for my own picky eaters. I pack lunches every morning (I always say I should do it the night before and never do!) and am always trying to keep things interesting.

  5. We pack lunch most days and I have one child who is very easy – he’ll eat sandwiches, leftovers, and casseroles in a Thermos. The other child is more challenging – no leftovers, nothing in Thermos. He will eat homemade lunchables, cheese sticks, cereal bars, and dried and fresh fruit but I am always curious to see what comes home. Last week he insisted he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, which I fixed for him only have it come home untouched. UGH!!
    Thanks for sharing and passing on some ideas. I have discovered that my boys eat things in cycles, so I’m always looking for new ideas.

  6. Finally got a chance to try some of your recipes and discovered neither of my kids like the pepperoni pizza muffins (go figure…I thought they were good) but my vegetable-hating daughter loved the spinach cake muffins! I had to call them something else to get her to try them (so I re-named them green goblin muffins) but I think I finally found a way to get at least one vegetable in her! Thanks again for the recipes!

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