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the view from here

I listen, in the dark recesses of the morning.

There is quiet. Nothing but the hum of the refrigerator and the tick of the clock. The pages of the Bible turning, the clink of my spoon against the side of my coffee cup, the nectar of 6 a.m.

I need and crave this time, and yet some days I punch the off button on my phone. I do what I don’t want to do, world’s oldest tale, regretting it the minute my eyes fully open and children are jumping on me on the bed.

I am six thousand times more nice when I wake up on my own.

My Bible study this particular morning was a punch to the gut, as most of this study of Malachi has been. I am the teacher but I am also the wrestler. Teaching others to put on their singlets and wrestle alongside.

So clear this morning that I need Thee EVERY HOUR, but the hour I need Thee most is 6 to 7 in the morning. The hour of peace, of conviction, of learning, of writing, of packing lunches or drinking coffee or trying to make a quick breakfast.

In the quiet, He envelops me, and together we face the day.

4 thoughts on “Quiet.

  1. I had similar reflections this morning as I sat with my chocolate milk, Jesus Calling devotional, Bible, laptop, and Morning Pages journal. I soaked in the quiet and wondered why I ever consider missing this precious time! Cheers to a peace-filled day started the right way!

  2. Today SHOULD HAVE started like any other Monday-school am…. IT DID NOT!!
    Maybe it was because I woke up stuffy nosed…but from3am on it was horrible..no good… I couldn’t even enjoy my bible study time & I’m sure I disappointed God as well as myself with the rush reading & short prayer…sigh.. Need a do-over day…

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