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Every year Hollywood Housewife (Laura) does this thing where you can post all day on Instagram with pictures of you everyday life – messes and all. I decided this year not to let my lack of a smartphone stop me from joining in. So I’ll be updating this throughout the day with unedited pictures of my life here. Here is the #onedayHH post for this year!

Technically the day started at 3:40 when Joshua woke up crying. We need a new pacifier “leash” so he can’t keep losing his paci outside the crib. But he was also poopy, so I had the joys of changing that in the middle of the night. Then, for the second night in a row, that woke David up and he crawled into bed with us. Which is OK … he really is very cute and snuggly. But he was still asleep at 7:20 and our carpool ride for preschool picks him up about 8.


Meanwhile, this stinker was somehow playing with a knife that was on the counter. He can reach the counter. That is a bad thing.


Scavenged up $3 to send with David for a school lunch, and tried to figure out how to set up Libbie with a lunch account so she could buy today. It didn’t work. I have packed her lunch every day, but today it would have been nice to save the time. (I NEED to pack lunches the night before. But I don’t.) So ended up packing one anyway, whatever I could find in the kitchen that she might eat.

IMG_4804 IMG_4805

David cried for approximately 20 minutes because I wanted him to wear this shirt. Daddy even put the shirt on him. Finally, I relented and let him just change. Then when the carpool came his buddy Luke was wearing the exact same shirt in gray. David would have LOVED being twins. I have NO idea why this shirt is offensive to him. Sigh.


This is spirit week at Libbie’s school (she’s in kindergarten). Today was crazy hair or hat day.


Mommy had neither breakfast nor coffee this morning in all the rush. (WHY did I not get up with my alarm??? ARGH.) So we made this stop. A BIG coffee for me and donuts all around. Really, we only do this once in awhile (I think this is the second time since school started in early August), so I refuse to be guilty about it.


Two little ones (David was already with carpool) were excited when this came on the Sirius station, even though they play it almost every day. Joshua is getting very skilled at singing, “Leeee goooo!!!”


Dropped Lib off at school and headed to the Y for water aerobics. Yay! Totally fuel for my soul and body. Then Josh and I came home. He was already asleep when we got here, so he went down for nap and I hope to have time to take a shower and maybe pick up the kitchen. Here I am, wet and happy.


Shower? Who are we kidding. I am a bath girl. Took a nice bath, read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (getting close to the end!), and got dressed. Applied my oil regimen – I really feel like these help lift some of my depression, although I am still taking my medicine as well. I feel better than I have in ages. Tried to wax my eyebrows: disaster. My sister uses this kit, even ON ME, but I could not get one hair to come off with it. Tried my old stand-by, the Sally Hansen strips, and I couldn’t hardly get them to work either. What’s up, brows?? Will spare you a picture of them. Still hairy. It’s 12:14 p.m.

IMG_4810 IMG_4811

12:31 and someone is up from nap. He is always very unhappy about leaving his paci in the crib.


Make Joshua lunch, then attempt to pick up and unload the dishwasher while he’s restrained. I think fairies come and reload it all the time, because it ALWAYS seems to need unloaded.


Realize if I want to each lunch I better do it. Leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Joshua didn’t want his lunch, but of course he wants mine.


Oh hey. Here is what I look like. Off to go to the preschool pick-up!


Mr. Trouble thinks he needs to climb the stairs alone every time. And he can … but it’s slow. I scooped him up and carried him this time.


Back in the van again …


It really is a gorgeous day. Mid-60s and no clouds. But it’s hard to believe how GREEN it still is in late October.


Remember how I said I didn’t pack David’s lunch this morning? The friend we carpool with takes the boys back to their house in the morning before preschool. And she packed and sent him a lunch. I almost cried.


Grilled cheese for after-school snack. Because … we seem to be low on snacky things, and it works.


Meanwhile, I can tell it is water aerobics day because I am hungry again. I am sort of obsessed with these Dole chopped salads.

IMG_4825 IMG_4826

Attempted to pick up some and vacuum. But let’s be honest: it still looks like this. I need a maid. I am so not kidding about how awful I am at housekeeping.

IMG_4827 IMG_4828

This came in the mail today. I am a little giddy, because I know one little almost-6-year-old who is going to be SO EXCITED (to look like every other little girl on Halloween …).


A little after 5 and I’m back in the van with the kidlets, headed to church. I think Dunkin’ gave me decaf this morning because I am DRAGGING. Filled up my travel mug with half-pumpkin-spice-half-regular coffee and cinnamon creamer. YUM.


Time for dinner at church. So glad they do this on Wednesday nights. Tonight there was spaghetti and chicken with cheese.


On Wednesday nights I co-teach a class of 2, 3, and 4-year-olds. My friend Carrie and I joke that we populate the entire preschool department at church – we each have 3, and they are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and almost 1. Technically Libbie is in the children’s department now, though. Anyway, here is my class of cuties. We had all 8 there tonight! And they were WIRED.


Seriously, the noise level when they were playing after the lesson. My ears are still ringing.


I decide what the heck, I will go to choir tonight even though that gets us home late. When we finally pull into our parking spot about 8:35, our dorm is having a fire drill. Stellar. So we wait not so patiently outside.

Joshua is playing on the floor with cars and it’s almost 9 p.m. This does not bode well for the morning.


Hallelujah, they are finally all in PJs. Teeth-brushing time.


And that about sums up my day. It’s 9:13 and Joshua and David are still talking in their room. Sigh. I wanted to make muffins tonight but I am beat and coughing, so I will take my laptop and book and go to bed. I try to get to sleep around 10 to 10:30 so 5:45 doesn’t seem soooo early!

My dad is actually in the hospital in Greensboro, which has also been hovering around all day. He had pneumonia. Thankfully he isn’t old (he’s 55), but it’s still scary. Please send prayers for him! So my phone will come with me too, as I’m texting my mom and dad some.

Good night, friends!

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life #onedayHH

  1. Will pray for your dad.

    Re the fire alarm – getting home while it was going on beats being home when it goes off and having to bundle all the kids into coats in a hurry.

    I was an AWANA leader for fifteen years. The first month of club in the fall, my ears would near to burst during game time, with all those shrill, third and fourth grade voices yelling. Introvert me wouldn’t recover until the following Monday. You have my sympathies on the preschool class noise level.

    • I usually pass on donuts unless they are Boston cream (what I had this morning), but I got Joshua a pumpkin donut and it was looking pretty tasty! Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Had to laugh as some of your thoughts in your day echo mine (why do I not get up with an alarm, why do I not pack lunches the night before!) I have done the donut drive through more times than you since school started so definitely don’t feel guilty about that! Dumb question…how do you apply the essential oils? A friend just gave me some but I don’t know how to use them! Do you use them with the kids at all? Thanks!

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