More Lunches for Your Picky Eater

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I keep getting good feedback on my shares of Libbie’s picky-kid lunches on Facebook, so I hope these give you inspiration that your child doesn’t have to eat the same lunch every day!

These are PlanetBox Rover lunchboxes.

See other ideas in this post. (And people, I am keeping it real here. Sometimes I send processed foods. Sometimes I don’t. It’s life here.)


Pancake sandwich with peanut butter and banana slices; pumpkin spice marshmallows; half a banana; mini cheddar pretzel crips; Chobani banana “gogurt”; a few mini M&Ms.


Apple sandwich with PBJ and craisin/currant face stuck on with peanut butter; apple slices; cheese cubes; Polenta Blueberry Muffin; craisins, dried apricots, and white chocolate chips. (Both muffins and apple sandwich from Weelicious Lunches.)


PBJ cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter and with candy eyes; red pear slices; cheddar cheese spelling “BOO”; pumpkin marshmallows; peanuts; fruit leather; and silly Halloween jokes (free printable).


This was definitely an “I need to go to the store and am in a major hurry” lunch! Peanut butter on graham cracker; applesauce in the little dipper container; raisins; Peanut Noodles with Chicken; frozen blueberries.


Grilled cheese rolls (Weelicious Lunches); shredded chicken; apple slices; trail mix of pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, and chocolate-covered peanuts; yogurt.


Tortilla chips with shredded cheese; trail mix of raisins, cashews, and white chocolate chips; banana; two slices ham. (I know it seems weird, but Libbie LOVES chips-and-cheese like this. Not melted or anything.)


This was David’s lunch one day – he is my less-picky kid! PBJ cut with a star sandwich cutter; carrots two ways (coins and sticks); ranch dip; black grapes; frozen turkey.

Do you try to mix it up at lunchtime? What recipe is your favorite to send? I am always looking for some new ideas.

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