Soups: So Many to Try, So Little Time

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I’ve been on a mission lately to get my kids to eat soup. It’s not something I’ve ever pushed, even though I am a soup fanatic. And to my surprise, they are actually trying it! Joshua, my 19-month-old, especially loves to sip on the broth. The other two are more selective (ahem) eaters, but are willing to at least try it. And that is a step in the right direction!

Because man, do I love soup. I grew up eating it all the time – chili, beef and barley, vegetable, and even the dreaded bean soup (which I do NOT love, obviously). My mom’s potato soup is one of my favorite take-me-back-to-childhood recipes. And in case you can’t tell we had a bit of a Soup Enthusiasm, every year my parents hosted the SOUPerbowl, so we could watch football and eat all kinds of chilis, stews, and broths.

I couldn’t stop myself from adding more and more recipes to my Foodie collection. I hope you’ll enjoy perusing it! I may have to make soup every day for the entire fall and winter to taste-test all the new recipes I want to try out.

What’s your favorite soup, stew, or chili?

2 thoughts on “Soups: So Many to Try, So Little Time

  1. I LOVE SOUP! My kids not so much. I blame this mostly on living in a tropical climate with no “soup weather.” I can’t really pick a favorite, but maybe Chicken Noodle. It’s a classic. I always start craving Beef Stew or Cider Beef Stew when fall rolls around. 🙂

    • Cider Beef Stew sounds really good. I’ve been making the same beef stew our whole marriage, but it’s becoming less appealing to me (especially the cream of celery soup) and I’m itching to try something different! I love chicken noodle, too. Such a comfort.

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