Friday, Friday

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I’m cleaning up days of dishes from the counter and every available surface in the kitchen. It’s Friday, and I think I’ve lost a whole week. I want to clean up this week, sweep it into the dustpan, move on.

Last Friday morning Joshua threw up all over me, before we ever left to take Libbie to school. I was wary of putting him in the van in case it happened again. So Mr. V took Joshua to class. And trying to drive off campus, my car kept shifting into neutral by itself. Then some warning lights came on. I looked in the manual, which said, “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING THE CAR OVER 30!!!”

So we borrowed a car to take Libbie to school, shifting car seats and bookbags. We were good and late. Come back, have our van towed, try to figure out a rental. We rent a sedan, knowing that it won’t fit all three of our car seats but thinking we’d have the van back Monday at the latest. We will make it work.

They don’t even look at our van on Friday, of course, despite up-and-down promises.

Saturday David throws up.

Sunday everyone seems fine and we think we are out of the woods. Libbie’s Sunday School teacher comes to pick her up so we can all go to church. (Bless her.) Monday David has a little playdate while I take Libbie to school. (More car seat shifting.)

And then Monday, David takes a three-hour nap in the middle of the day, which neverevereverever happens. Then Joshua throws up, all over my new Keen shoes. Then Libbie.

So Tuesday we’re all at home, even though they all feel fine, now, of course. Keeping germs to ourselves. David probably could have gone to school, but I don’t want to spread sickness to anyone else if I can help it.

Wednesday, I think, finally! We finally get our car back and have room for all the children. I finally have a day where Libbie and David are both at school. And I finally get hit with the bug myself. ARGGGGHHHH.

And then Thursday, I feel better, but I have MOPS, dropping off Operation Christmas Child boxes, picking up David and our carpool buddy, reading books, helping with homework, doing dinner, a coughing toddler who obviously isn’t feeling well YET AGAIN in my bed.

It’s Friday again. Everything is a terrible mess. But there is some quiet now as Joshua sleeps and David plays, the dishwasher runs and the students outside are on the verge of evacuating for Thanksgiving break.

I’m so looking forward to the next week: doing water aerobics again, helping Libbie learn about Neptune, worshiping with our church, traveling and spending time with family for Thanksgiving, having Mr. V home, helping in Libbie’s class to make space posters.

So that covers why it’s been quiet around this small home on the web this week. I hope your week has been filled with much better things and much less sickness! Stay tuned for Saturday Linky Love and the launch of my e-book devotional, Parenting Parables, on Monday!


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