Parenting Parables

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Parenting Parables

Y’all, how long have I been talking about “my devotional” on this blog? If you’ve hung around awhile … the answer would be since about February 2012. A LONG TIME.

I wrote about it here and here and here.

And now, my friends, I can finally share it with you. Thirty heartfelt devotions from me to you, with questions for reflection and journaling at the end of each day. Some comes from the blog archives, but much of it is new material written just for this project.

I priced it at $2.99 because that’s what I want to pay for e-books. It’s not quite ready for Kindle yet, but I’ll let you know when it gets there.

Read more about Parenting Parables on the My Devotional page. Buy it there or by clicking below.

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