David’s Outer Space Birthday Party

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Space Party Food

Tomorrow is David’s 4th birthday! How can that be? In a way I feel like it’s been a million years since his birth (AKA the most painful day of my life AKA my only natural birth). In other ways I just don’t know how this tiny boy is 4 years old. Parenting David has been a ride, lots of ups and downs, but we are thrilled with the boy he is becoming. He is a completely different creature than his sister and brother. And that’s awesome.

David has never had a “friends” birthday party, and I felt kind of guilty about it since Libbie had one for her second, third, AND fourth birthdays! But her birthday is not five days before Christmas … About two weeks ago, I decided to just plan a little shindig. And if no one came, whatever.

I’ll admit that David wanted a Cars theme, but I was stuck on space. Sorry, dude. We shopped at Party City and found they really only have character-themed items. But we were able to find some gold and silver disposable items, some plates with stars, silver stars, and star garland. We also picked up Toy Story tattoos, some Buzz Lightyear light-up thingamajiggys on clearance for 50 cents each, and Toy Story alien streamers.

alien cupcakes

I decorated with the streamers and Joshua’s Green Toys rocket and astronauts set.

For the cupcakes, I made a red velvet box mix with homemade buttercream frosting tinted green. The candy eyes I got at ALDI around Halloween, and I used purple gel frosting for the mouths. I wanted to use green sour straw candy for antennae, but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere!

(Usually I am pretty anti-food coloring, but around Christmas I have just given up. C’est la vie.)

We also had “rocket dogs,” hot dogs on a skewer wrapped with crescent roll dough. I don’t recommend trying this, as most of my crescent roll stayed on the baking sheet and it just frustrated me to death! I stuck a triangle of cheese on the end of each one after they baked.

Rocket Hot Dogs

We finished out the menu with tropical fruits on skewers, popcorn, and “astronaut fuel,” also known as applesauce pouches from ALDI.

Astronaut Applesauce Fruit kebabs

For drinks, we had Capri Suns, Coke and Diet Coke, and Dawn Camp’s spiced apple cider (“wassail”), which was crazy delicious!


David wore his astronaut costume, which was a big hit. My mom and Dad got it at the NASA place in Texas for him a few years ago.

I wanted to make this a big play date. We put out our dress-ups, our train set, and some Little People play things. We also played Toy Story on the TV and had coloring pages of an astronaut and an alien. One of David’s friends REALLY liked the dress-ups!


David had a wonderful time with his friends, they all played and ate happily, and he got some fun gifts. And best of all, I didn’t stress out. I haven’t even attempted a party since Libbie’s Beauty and the Beast one in 2012. It was crazy, I did way too much, and it burnt me out on parties. I think I finally figured out how much I can take on without going nuts with this one.

(I didn’t even do goody bags or favors of any kind. I kind of figure right before Christmas the last thing parents want is one more junky toy. At least that’s the last thing I want!)


My friend Tiffany and her sweet girls.


I tried to take a picture of David, which Libbie interpreted as “jump in the picture, pose, and try to get David to do the same.”


Thanks for coming to our party!

P.S. Having this room on campus (which we also used for the Beauty & the Beast party and my sister’s engagement party) to use for free so that I don’t have to clean up my whole apartment and try to stuff a bunch of people in it … SO AWESOME.

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