Let’s Talk Cookie Baking

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by Jessie Weaver at Foodie.com

One of my favorite Christmas tradition is making and decorating sugar cookies. My mom thinks I was about 4 the first time we did this, and I can’t remember a year from my childhood when we didn’t roll out the special sugar cookie dough and spend hours piping icing onto cut-out cookies. We made everything from ornaments to Nativity scenes to reindeer – and one year, I remember, Bob and Larry from Veggietales and a Santa dinosaur.

I’ve tried to carry on this tradition as an adult. It makes an awful mess, but I love it. This may be Cookie Week here, because I want to share the sugar cookie dough recipe I use, plus Monday morning you’ll see my cookie recipe for the Secret Recipe Club Cookie Exchange.

But y’all. My mom was missing out on a lot of things to make her life easier when it came to cookie baking. We never used parchment paper or silicone mats. I never touched a cookie scoop until one of my co-workers bought me one for my birthday well into my married life. My mom didn’t know the wonders of the stand mixer until very recently.

I hope you have learned about all those tools! Not to mention, you need a very thin spatula to take cookies off the sheet. And having a multi-level cooling rack helps, too.

I’ve been making cookies like a fiend lately. It helps to have a whole dorm of high-school boys as taste-testers! That way I don’t weigh 6,000 pounds, and they get a taste of homemade goodies. I even took requests this year for the kinds of cookies they wanted. (Chocolate chip, some kind of Reese’s, and snickerdoodles.)

Above I’ve shared some of the recipes I’ve made or planned to make this year. I found as I was bookmarking on Foodie that I am kind of obsessed with crinkle cookies and anything involving peppermint!

What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Cookie Baking

  1. I love spritz. The electric company gives out a cookie book each year, and the recipe we use is from the cookie book from about 1963. While the cookie press makes forming them easy, we always went a bit nuts with the decorations – the little silver balls, jimmies, chocolate chips, nuts, colored sugar…

    Even though I don’t have kids, I usually bake a batch around Christmas anyway, since they are also the perfect cookie to have with a cup of coffee.

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