Are Young Living Essential Oils a Scam?

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Is Young Living Essential Oils a Scam?

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Here’s the question of the minute: are Young Living essential oils a scam? I certainly thought they might be at first. How about you? Are you wondering? Here is my story about examining the question.

I’ve loved the idea of essential oils for a long time. I am not big on loading myself full of medicine – yes, I will take it when I am in real pain and definitely for my depression – but I try not to be a major pill-popper. I grew up in a pharmaceutical frenzy. My dad worked for a pharmaceutical company, and I literally tried to drink a bottle of Dimetapp when I was just 3 or 4 years old. My childhood is scented with Robitussin and cough drops and little dark-red circles.

As a grown-up with my own children, I’ve leaned toward more natural solutions. We have cloth-diapered to avoid chlorine; we’ve used gripe water over gas drops; I help constipation with flaxmeal; and I avoid bleach and most all traditional cleaning supplies in favor of Mrs. Meyers’s products or homemade substitutes.

I originally bought some essential oils to try a recipe for homemade bleach, although I didn’t have much success with it. But that sparked my interest in trying the others. Peppermint for headaches? Lavender for sleep? Awesome! Slowly, I learned more about the oils and saw more and more about them on Facebook and other social media outlets. My friend Kayla had me really close to buying a Young Living Premium Starter Kit at one point last winter, but at the last minute I decided I was simply too cheap.

So I bought a much-less-expensive-brand kit on Amazon instead. I started using them pretty faithfully. I tried many of their different blends. And I was somewhat convinced they were making a difference for me.

After hearing about Young Living over and over and over again from several friends, though, about their processes and the amazing changes they’d seen in their health, I decided to order that Premium Starter Kit in September. I thought at least I would get another diffuser, some oils I hadn’t tried, and could compare it to the less-expensive brand oils.

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I had the kit two months, I think, before I finally tried the Stress Away oil. I managed to put the roller-ball on it (with the help of a YouTube video!). My back had been in a lot of pain (AGAIN) and I thought maybe it would help those tight muscles. As soon as I applied the Stress Away, my muscles simply melted. It helped relieve the tense muscles, which had been plaguing me for a week, instantly. I’ve had similar results on the knots in my neck and shoulders – and everyone I have tried this oil on has said, “AHHHHH.”

The vanilla and lime scent is amazing. The muscle-melting feel is incredible. Unlike the muscle relaxers I have been on in the past, I can still operate a vehicle and stay awake when I use it!

Young Living regulates their process from start to finish – “seed to seal” – using first-press oils and organically-farmed product. The cost of oils can seem overwhelming, and it is tempting to order a cheaper product and expect the same results. But I can tell you from my experience, less expensive means less therapeutic quality in this case. I WANTED the cheaper oils to work just as well. I wanted Young Living to be a big old scam.

But you know what?

It’s not. It has been 100% worth it for me. I recently just threw away almost all of those cheaper oils. Which is well over $50 down the drain. But I would do the same with anything else that just didn’t work, despite its claim. And I have the stuff that does work in hand!

Still wondering if Young Living is a scam? That’s OK. I’d be thrilled to help answer any questions you have. You can e-mail me at, leave a comment here, or send me a message on my Facebook page. If you’re ready to take the jump and order a Premium Starter Kit, I will give you a $15 refund if you email me and mention this post! Use this link and sign up as a wholesale member. Choose the Premium Starter Kit with either the Home or Dewdrop Diffuser (both are awesome, but I usually recommend the DewDrop!). Check out and then shoot me an email. (Also, during February 2016, Young Living is offering a 10% discount on this kit as well!)

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One thought on “Are Young Living Essential Oils a Scam?

  1. Friend I am SO thrilled (though not surprised) by the success you are having with Young Living. And I really identify with your journey in many ways. Only in my case, I had tried cheaper oils and had NO luck with them (other than the fact that some of them smelled good) so I sort of thought that essential oils, as a general rule, were a scam. I tried YL on a whim and was SO nervous while I waited for the oils to come in because I was nearly certain that I had just wasted all that money. But of course, I was wrong! The quality is absolutely amazing and unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. Now I get why people go crazy over this stuff! 🙂

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