Favorites of the Week

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Favorite pictures: Antics last Saturday. Really, this picture of Libbie just kinda ticks me off. It really shows her attitude lately. But I didn’t feel like I could leave her out. And we will survive …

Favorite Links:

Recipes I Want to Make:

Favorite moments:

  • Making banana bars with David, and that being his thing he was thankful for during our family devotion time.
  • Watching Joshua play the tambourine and sing at the children’s museum today.
  • My class of 2, 3, and 4-year-olds at church painting with watercolors.
  • Having an uplifting and soul-baring Facebook chat with my friend Sarah, who is also our children’s minister.
  • Snuggling with both boys on the couch tonight – and with a giant stuffed dog – while we watched VeggieTales.
  • Making waffles with Libbie.

Favorite offline reading: I really have not read much besides the Bible this week. I am starting to get into The Woman in White, but the antiquated language makes me want to toss it aside for a good contemporary novel. I will persevere. Classics are almost always worth the read! (It’s free on Kindle if you want to try reading this 1865 book along with me!)

What was one of your favorites this week?

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