Favorites of the Week

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Joshua playing dress-up

Favorite picture: My little guy (22 months now!) playing dress-up. He has always been so happy and giggly. Love that.

Favorite links:

Recipes I want to make:

Favorite moments:

  • Joshua singing. We listen to Kids’ Place Live on Sirius most of the time, and so he’s started trying to sing along with some of the songs on there, especially anything that has a lot of “ooos” or repeated syllables. His favorites are “Best Day of My Life” from American Authors and “Light of Love” from Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could. It is beyond adorable.
  • Thursday bedtime dance party, including singing of above songs. Which I have video of, but I can’t get my desktop to connect to the Internet right now. Whoops.

I will tell you my NOT favorite moments include taking Libbie to the urgent care and finding out she had strep throat, which was followed by many breathing treatments for my asthmatic girl. This week has not been stellar. Dark winter weeks are not my favorite.

Favorite offline reading: I’m finally getting to a point in The Woman in White where it is interesting and I want to keep reading. So I’m hoping to finish it up soon!

How was your week?



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