Let’s Have a Chat

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Random Joshua cuteness from this fall

The longer I go without writing here, the easier it is not to write.

I have days when I think maybe I will just stop. It seems like the thing many longtime bloggers are doing. Because blogging is not the same thing it was in 2007. Not one bit!

But I can’t imagine not having this space. It’s certainly not my full-time job or very profitable in terms of money. But I feel like God wants me to write and minister to women. Women who are a mess. Who need some encouragement that being messy is OK. He is with us in the midst of our mess.

Really … I just haven’t had anything burning in me to write. So here is just a general what-is-going-on kind of thing, before I leave this space neglected for so long I can’t come back.

  • Christmas was different. We stayed at home until the day after Christmas, so the kids only got presents from us on Christmas morning. I think Libbie was perhaps underwhelmed by her gifts, but they all had plenty and enjoyed themselves. Then we went on to Grandma and Grandpa’s and Nana and Popi’s for a week of more celebrating. It was nice that David had actually opened all his birthday presents from them before Christmas, so there was no combined birthday/Christmas things this year. That can get very overwhelming.
  • As shown by the fact that Joshua got up from his nap while I was writing this, it’s incredibly hard for me to get anything done when the kids aren’t in school. Libbie finally starts back tomorrow, and David on Tuesday. I’ve enjoyed having them home – really! – although the arguing gets a little insane. I’ve spent a lot of time cooking, playing games, reading, and cuddling, and that is just right for our life right now. Oh. and frantically trying to keep our apartment from becoming a true pigsty. See also: Joshua, Mr. Trouble.
  • I’m reading through the Bible in 90 days alongside my friends Amy J. Bennett and Amanda and several others. Having a Facebook accountability group where we can chat about the readings is so helpful. So far, I’m right on track and loving it. We finish Exodus today!
  • I’m trying to make some changes to my health this year. I’ve been exercising (doing water aerobics, Zumba, and occasionally the elliptical) and using essential oils since September. This had made a huge change already in my back issues and how I feel emotionally and mentally. Unfortunately, some issues I’ve had with my gut for years have magnified in the past few months also. So (as of today, although I’ve been working toward it for a week) I am going grain-free and refined-sugar-free. I’ve found great inspiration in the Against All Grain cookbook.


Sooo …. that is what is going on right now for me. How about you?

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