What I Read: December 2014

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I know I am WAY behind the times on this post. I am grasping at straws to hold it together lately as we try to rest back into our school routine. David JUST started back to preschool on Tuesday, and I feel like I’ve had a million things on the to-do list.

But since Quick Lit is today, I wanted to recap my December reads.

Lucky Us by Amy Bloom – I read about this in a round-up of 2014 books somewhere and put it on my list. (Only maybe because of the cover, which I love.) I think I liked it, but it didn’t really affect me. It’s kind of like looking through a family scrapbook – scattered, with little interesting bits here and there. Not one I would probably recommend to a friend.

Speaking from Among the Bones and The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley – I continue to enjoy the Flavia de Luce books immensely, although #5 (Speaking from Among the Bones) was probably my least favorite so far. The story lagged a little bit, and I had a harder time finishing it. I liked The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches much more, which deals with the mystery of Flavia’s mother, Harriet de Luce. I will leave it at that, not wanting to uncover any of the mystery for you!

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good by Jan Karon – This is Karon’s newest installment in the Mitford series. It read slowly. I liked it, because the characters are the same, and they are good, and they are faithful. But I didn’t feel like there was enough real plot conflict to pull the story along.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – I don’t know that I even knew what this book was about when I picked it up – just that it has been acclaimed by critics and several blog friends alike. While it’s very readable and there is some message in there about Art, I just didn’t love this big old book. I was kind of glad to be done reading it. And that is always a sad state!

Under a Maui Moon by Robin Jones Gunn – I’ve read almost everything RJG has written. While I still prefer the older Glenbrooke series, I like her newer fiction also. In this one, Carissa is wondering where her life is going. Her marriage seems to be failing and she is surprised to lose her job suddenly. Escaping to Hawaii seems like a good opportunity to think and rest. Once there, Carissa is surprised to find love from strangers … and from her Heavenly Father. (Yes, that sounds like a cheesy back cover. I’m trying.) I like when Robin deals with struggling marriages. It feels real, maybe more real at this point in my life than puppy love.

What have you been reading lately? Anything good? I will tell you, my reading posts for January through March are going to be much shorter. I am reading the Bible in 90 days, and that takes up most of my free reading time. And it is good.

4 thoughts on “What I Read: December 2014

  1. Your review for Goldfinch is so similar to every other review that I’ve read! I did read it last January, but I listened to the audiobook on double speed. Thinking back, it was extremely long. I definitely don’t think I could have sat down and just read it, either. If I remember correctly, the ending left me wanting more, even though it would have felt too neat and tidy to have a solid ending once all of those “coincidences” added up for the rescue.

    • The more I think about it, the more I dislike it. I think that’s a bad thing, don’t you? I just hated Boris, I hated the whole Holland scene, bleeegh.

      • I have to agree! Like, if you dislike it more and more, that’s bad! The fact that I forgot about it, is also a bad sign. I do think that all the awards and lists it made were too much.

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