Favorites of the Week

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Favorite pictures: Little ones enjoying what qualifies for snow in Tennessee.

Favorite links:

Recipes I want to make:

Favorite moments:

  • Joshua having a conversation with Mommy and Daddy on the couch. This mostly consisted of, “Daddy paci! Daddy milk!” and trying to shove his paci and cup in Daddy’s mouth. But there were also a lot of kisses.
  • Cuddling and watching The Croods.
  • Getting to sleep in (hello, President’s Day and a week of “not really snow” days).
  • One of the other moms from Libbie’s kindergarten class saved my life yesterday by inviting us all over, despite the fact that we don’t really know each other and she has four sons of her own. The kids had a blast and it was such a blessing to me to get out of the house and talk to another mom.
  • Doing an essential oils class with Tiffany last Saturday on campus. It was a lot of fun, and I just enjoy sharing about the oils!

Favorite offline reading: I devoured It Was Me All Along by blogger Andie Mitchell over the last few days. I wrote a review on GoodReads about it if you can’t wait to see it here in my February books recap. I also FINALLY finished The Woman in White. Woot!!

What’s going on in your neck of the woods this week? Snowed in? We actually got maybe a whole inch of snow last night, and now it’s sleeting on top of that, so we may be stuck today.


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