Some More Lunches for Picky Eaters

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I usually share these inspiration photos on my Facebook page, but if you don’t see them (because FB stinks about that) or you aren’t on FB, I wanted to share them here, too! I have a fairly picky kindergartner, so these are my experiments in trying to get her to eat a variety of healthy-ish foods.


Homemade pizza pockets, Cutie clementine, Craisins, cheese stick, and one mini Oreo.


Wrap with ham and cheese on a whole-wheat tortilla, apple slices, Chobani “drink yogurt,” and Beet Cookie and Honey-Cinnamon Popcorn from the Weelicious cookbook. (I made the Beet Cookies in heart shapes and letters for David’s preschool snack – everyone had one R for the letter of that week and the first letter of their first name. It was a big hit!)


Turkey (I either buy Aldi’s nitrate-free or the Hormel Natural Choice lunchmeats), cheese stick, Honey Cinnamon Popcorn, strawberries, Pizza Poppers.


Bake-fried chicken thigh (leftover from dinner), strawberry smoothie with hidden spinach frozen in the silicone mold, pretzel twists, fruit snack, mandarin oranges, and a Yum Earth hard candy.


Inspired by 100 Days of Real Food, these are homemade pizza lunchables. I made pizza crust and cut it into rectangles, froze homemade pizza sauce in a silicone mini-muffin pan (then popped them into a big freezer bag), and added mozzarella and mini pepperonis in silicone muffin liners. Recipes for the pizza crust and sauce are in Weelicious Lunches, although I think you can find similar ones on the Weelicious site. (There’s also a Cutie along with the pizza.)

I realize these are certainly not jam-packed with vegetables or maybe even your idea of a balanced lunch. Or maybe you think I’m an insane mom. Whatever. We all do what works for us, right? I am totally in favor of staying sane. Packing lunch is one area where I like to be creative. Cleaning and organizing? TOTALLY not my thing, but I am glad if it’s yours!

I hope this helps you with some ideas for your picky eater’s lunchbox.

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