Favorites of the Week

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Mother's Day Card

A favorite picture – David’s Mother’s Day gift. He thinks I’m 52, but the fact that he said my favorite place is the Y makes me feel pretty virtuous.

Some favorite links of late:

Recipes I want to make:

Favorite moments this week:

  • Swinging with Joshua on my lap. The weather was just perfect, and he was going, “Wheeee! Hi, Birdy! Wheeeee!” Joshy keeps me on my toes and wrecks our home, but he is the sweetest little guy. He loves animals and often comes to announce, “Want Mommy kisses!”
  • Seeing Libbie in their kindergarten-graduation “Seafood Festival.” I am so glad that don’t have a cap-and-gown kindergarten graduation. This sweet program, where they were all dressed as ocean animals, was the perfect capstone to a wonderful year.
  • Receiving a poster of pictures from David’s year in the 3-year-old preschool class. As soon as I picked him up from his last day, I cried. David is a quirky kid, and I wasn’t sure how he would do in school after a whole year of staying home with me. He had the best teacher ever and just thrived so much this year in that class. We ADORE the preschool where Libbie went for last year and David has gone this year, and I am glad I have another kid to go through it, too!
  • Laying in bed reading The Husband’s Secret while rain poured and thunder boomed yesterday. <— That’s what I’m reading offline!

I know my blogging has been slow lately. Lots of work, lots of end-of-the-year stuff, and something has to go to fit it all in and keep my home livable. I hope to have a little time to plan and generate ideas after school lets out this week!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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