Sick, Sick … and Then Some Sickness Thrown In

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Dreary Doctor's Office
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If the end of the school year wasn’t so close I could taste it, I think this week would have done me in.

Libbie woke up on Monday morning unable to walk. (She’s 6 1/2 and 50 pounds, people. Not exactly portable.) On Sunday night, she had complained about her leg hurting, but nothing more than in passing as she went to bed. But on Monday, she couldn’t straighten it out. She ended up spending most of the day on the couch … except when Mama carried her up and down the stairs and the car to take her to the health center at school, and then the doctor.

We thought they would probably do x-rays, but after being forced by the pediatrician, Libbie was at least hobbling around a little. Instead they insisted my little one have her blood drawn – after much, much screaming – so they could test for arthritis. SERIOUSLY, DOCTORS? One pulled muscle?

(P.S. Thank you to our children’s minister, Sarah, who stepped in and watched the boys for me until Mr. V could take over.)

So Monday evening Libbie was still limping heavily, but at least I didn’t have to carry her. I thought she would probably go to school the next day, and I made plans with a friend to hang out with our little ones (her daughter is about 6 months younger than Joshua).

Tuesday at 5 a.m., I woke up to Mr. V throwing up.

Bye bye, plans. Can’t risk contaminating other children. No other puking, thankfully, from anyone else in the family.

Wednesday, I think I will get to go to Bible study. But taking Libbie and then David to school (which, by the way, is an hour-and-a-half endeavor … thank God I don’t usually have to take David!), Joshua coughed … and coughed … and coughed. It was a sad and pathetic cough. So I canceled the plans and took him home. Where he promptly started running a high fever and then took a 4-hour nap.

My home is cleaner than it’s been in months. Seriously. And I shredded papers. And finished the laundry.

Because Joshua was still running a fever Wednesday night, I didn’t feel like I could take him anywhere Thursday, even though he woke up fine. So I missed our last MOPS meeting of the year this morning.

And here’s what Joshua did today.

  • Started the dishwasher and pressed buttons on the yogurt maker.
  • Dumped a slushy on the sofa.
  • Threw an untouched banana in the garbage can.
  • Asked for pizza for lunch then promptly cried about it and refused to eat it.
  • Cried about being in the stroller.
  • Cried about having food on his plate other than processed cheese product at dinner. (Then went and swiped more processed cheese product off the food line where we were eating outside the dining hall.)
  • Cried mercilessly all the way from our apartment until I got to David’s classroom to pick him up, then some more after we found David, causing a giant spectacle for the other preschool parents.
  • Bit me.
  • Tried to take a cupcake off the counter.
  • Colored himself with marker.
  • Tried to put a medicine dropper in the paper shredder when I left it unattended for 20 seconds.

Yep, he’s just your everyday Toddlerzilla. But after this week of a little too much togetherness, I am stir-crazy and tired of the toddler antics. Someone send help if I can’t leave the apartment tomorrow.

(Did I mention that he wanted to sleep ON TOP OF ME for half of last night? Not beside me. ON TOP.)

(Thank you for dealing with my pity party. I feel better now just getting it out.)

(Oh good. He’s crying again.)

4 thoughts on “Sick, Sick … and Then Some Sickness Thrown In

  1. Ohhhh…. I’m sorry Jess!!! HUGS..but if I may….I’ve got 3 teenagers who I would gladly trade u for… They r being hurtful.. Spiteful & just plain mean to their ‘ol mom… I’m tired of the roller coaster ride of emotions….

    • I know this time with wee ones is physically exhausting, but I don’t look forward to the emotional exhaustion of having three teens! My prayers are with you.

  2. 05.08.2015 Hang in there Mom! One day you will laugh about these days and end up feeling proud of yourself for making it thru. Love your blog and your sense of humor. Continue to persevere and keep writing. Will keep you in my prayers. Judith

  3. Oh my, so sorry for the way your week went. It was funny to read about, because I was there (22 years ago).
    They will grow up, but as Kelly said, it might not be any better, just different.
    Hopefully everyone is well now.

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