Menu Plan Monday

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I am pretty sure I am going to regret this menu plan. You see, it is VBS (Vacation Bible School). I am the lead teacher for first grade. And we are expecting 30 first graders. I fully expect to be beyond exhausted. Surely I can muster up enough energy to put dinner together, right? Or beg my husband to do it. Thankfully two of these dinners are already in the freezer and just have to be thrown in the oven.

I am enjoying cooking. But man. THE DISHES. I hate doing dishes. No wonder people eat McDonald’s off paper plates. I gotta train one of my kids to be able to wash dishes. (We have a dishwasher, but it’s not very big nor very good.)

Anyway, I am so glad to have food to eat. That is something I often take for granted. Here’s what I have planned for the week.

June 8
B: Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothies
D: Lasagna, salad

June 9
B: Peanut Butter muffins
D: Royal Thai thighs, rice, vegetable

June 10
B: Peanut Butter muffins
D: Sloppy Chicken Pan Pizza, peas

June 11
B: Cheese toast
D: Mustard-Oregano Pork Chops, broccoli salad, fruit

June 12
B: Yogurt parfaits
D: Tomato-Basil Hamburgers, potato cubes, apple slices

June 13
B: Baked Vanilla Donuts
D: Summer Bow-ties, baby carrots

June 14
If you can find it, you can eat it

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I cook for one, have a decent dishwasher and STILL end up washing a lot of dishes by hand. The pots and pans don’t go in the dishwasher, usually, nor do the sharp knives. The plastic containers only go in the dishwasher if there is room on the top shelf (I take my lunch every day and pack it in mostly plastic – even with having more of it than you think one person needs, I have to wash it more quickly than the dishwasher fills).

    I’ll be praying for you and your first graders – so willing to learn, but so wiggly!

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