The Craving to Write

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I spend a lot of time scouring ye-olde-mommy-blogs, although gracious, I know we don’t call them that anymore, right? It does seem to undermine what we really are: women who write. Some of whom stay home with their children all the time, some of the time, or who work full-time. Whatever. But Mommy Blog is just a convenient title, considering I’m looking for posts to publish on For Every Mom.

A while ago, I came upon a couple British mommy blogs, together in a link-up of everyday kind of posts. Posts without Pinterest-worthy graphics; posts that were simply about being a mom or what happened that day or the fact that a woman figured out a great trick she wanted to share.

It stopped me in my tracks. It was 2009 blogging deja vu!

Maybe it was just the group I was looking at, or maybe British mom blogs are just getting off the ground. But I miss that kind of blogging. I miss just writing! Now, I think way too hard about what I am going to write, whether it’s actually worth publishing, knowing that my pictures are sub-par and that my only traffic really comes to recipe posts.

But something’s come over me lately: the craving to just write. Period. I mentioned on Instagram my desire to get down a few children’s fiction stories that have been dwelling in my head for 10+ years. I want to share everyday life again. I just feel like God has been prodding me constantly to sit down and just let the words flow out. I know it’s a gift from Him – I just never feel like my words are enough compared to the amazing ones that seem to flow constantly from other Christian women I admire. I write about how God is like a fictional farm animal … ’nuff said.

But this is my space, and I can write whatever I want, right? No one has to read it. I do write for an audience and to encourage, and I hope that will show. But I also need to write, for me. And if something doesn’t connect with you, you’re welcome to move on.

Maybe I’m moving to something different in my writing career. Maybe things are going to change. I need to dive into prayer. But mostly, I don’t want to be afraid to just hit publish. On something without a picture. On something that isn’t perfect.

So here it is.

4 thoughts on “The Craving to Write

  1. Good for you! I hate the pinterestification of every single blog posts along with clickbaiting titles. Just write about what you want. No need for fancy graphics and ridiculous titles. 😀

  2. Hugs to you. I NEED to write like I need to eat so I would do so even if no one read (or commented, or shared…) but blogging is more fun when there’s interaction. I love the possibility of my writing eventually helping my family pay bills, but I hate the constant “you must do this” or “write this way so people will like it” or “Pay for all these tools to handle the eleventy social networks you need to be active on to get an audience”. That part is not so fun.

    Keep writing, Jessie!

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