Top Ten How I Met Your Mother Moments

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I found this post in the archives. I think I wrote it originally in about 2010, before many of the HIMYM seasons aired. Even though the show is long gone, and I mourn the ending quite regularly, I thought it might be fun to stir up some old show memories. 

Have I mentioned lately that Mr. V and I are a wee bit obsessed with How I Met Your Mother?  Even if it hasn’t been great since, say, season 3, we are still devotees. And it definitely has its great moments, still. Last night I caught “The Pineapple Incident” episode in syndication and laughed my way through it.

In honor of Top Ten Tuesday, here are ten of my favorite moments from my favorite TV show. (Although I’ve been watching Modern Family and am almost caught up. And it’s definitely in the running for Best Show Ever.)

1. Marshall’s charts. (Season 4, episode “Right Place, Right Time.”) This is probably my favorite five seconds of the whole show.

2. Convincing Ted to go blonde. (Season 5, episode “Doppelgangers.”)


3. Unveiling of (The first clip on this video.) (Season 3, episode “Wait for It.”)

4. Marshall’s tribute videos. (Season 5, “The Sexless Innkeeper.”)

5. Barney makes up stories about his first time. (Season 2, episode “First Time in New York.”) – Barney tells the story of Dirty Dancing like it was his first “experience” because he was embarrassed about the real story.


6. Barney’s one-man show. (Season 2, episode “Stuff.”) – Barney makes Lily take back her word about saying only nice things about a friend’s play by putting on a long, one-man show mostly consisting of him saying the word “moist,” spraying people with a water gun, and being a robot.


7. Marshall “doesn’t sing everything he does.” (Season 3, episode “Spoiler Alert.”) – The gang spoils everyone’s views of the others by pointing out their biggest flaws.


8. Everyone makes fun of Ted as he shaves. (Season 3, “Wait for It.”) – As he shaves off portions of his “break-up beard,” Marshall and Lily mock Ted.


9. Revertigo (Season 3, episode “Sandcastles in the Sand.”) – Revertigo: when people revert to old versions of themselves when they’re with people from their past. (Language warning on this video.)

10. Barney’s weird proposal (Season 8, episode “The Final Page.”) – Yes, it was crazy. But sweet. In that Barney kind of way.


I realize this is so weighted toward the beginning of the series. A, because the beginning of the series is way better, especially season 2. And B, because I wrote the majority of this before about half the series aired. There are so many moments that I haven’t mentioned! If you’re a HIMYM lover, what’s a favorite moment of yours?

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