#oneword2016: TIME

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It’s ironic that I am starting to write this when I need to leave in about four minutes. I know I won’t finish – much like most of the blog posts I’ve began lately.

I’ve never chosen a word for a year. I’ve made sorta-resolutions in my head. But I’m not much of a resolutions kind of person. I don’t like the guilt of breaking them. On December 31 around 11 p.m., though, I was in bed at my in-laws’ house pondering choosing a word for 2016. A place to focus as I face the new year. And I felt God impress one on my mind: TIME.

I don’t know where it came from or what it means. But here is what I know.

The last five or so months, since school started in August, have felt a little chaotic to me. For instance, I realized this week that a company I work for owes me $1200 and I hadn’t even noticed. SERIOUSLY, Jessie? My brain is befuddled.

Reasons for this?

  • I have not regained any brain function since I had Joshua, my third child.
  • Joshua doesn’t usually nap until we get in the car on the three days David goes to preschool. That alone time I had last school year is no more. If he does nap, it’s ON me.
  • I am getting old.
  • My brain is cluttered with more than I can remember. And I am really bad at making to-do lists on paper or a calendar.

It’s become apparent to me in the last couple months that this school year, I just can’t do everything I want to do. I have to prioritize and take advantage of little chunks of time. With this possibly/probably being the last year I have a child at home full-time, my first priority is to just be with him. We have fun. We go to a PlayGym class, gymnastics, museums, play dates. I don’t want to let other things get in the way of that. Other priorities that have become clear: reading, trying not to let the apartment become overwhelmed with dirt, doing my freelance work, listening to uplifting and encouraging podcasts, going to the gym, Bible study and teaching my Sunday School class, and hanging out with my husband at night. Things that are not as prioritized right now: this blog, my Young Living business, cooking everything from scratch even though I would like to, reading blogs.

When August 2016 hits, Joshua will go to preschool three times a week and David will go to kindergarten. Libbie will be in second grade. TIME is going to look a lot different for me. For the first two-thirds of this year, I want to remember how precious the time is with my little ones at home. I want to make the best use of my time. I was to not waste so much time.

I’m remembering that a time will come when I will have three kids in school – and even a time beyond that, God willing. Right now, I need to be fully present, embracing this TIME, this phase.

So that’s my #oneword for this year in a nutshell. I may try to write once a month about what God is revealing to me as I work through it! Do you have a word, phrase, or resolution for 2016?

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  1. I tend to not do New Year’s resolutions either. I prefer to have goals that I am always working towards, a little at a time. I have done the one word theme for a few years. This year my word is “purpose.”

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