What’s Saving My Life This Winter

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Do you survive or thrive in the winter? I don’t mind our not-too-cold weather here in Tennessee, although I kind of despise snow. We lived in northern Indiana when I was really little (until age 8), and I think I had enough snow then for the rest of my life.

Modern Mrs. Darcy talks about the things that “save her life” during the winter months. So today we’re sharing things that are helping us get through the cold weather, too. Here are mine.

Frost on my {dirty} window 22/365
source: marcyleigh via Flickr Creative Commons

Hot baths with books. Always. This is kind of my year-round thing, but it’s especially crucial during the winter! I almost always take a hot bath before bed and read. It warms me up, calms me down, and I get in some good reading time.

Podcasts. The last several months, my podcast listening has maybe gotten out of control. It helps me make it through cleaning spurts, treadmill time, and car trips. I squeeze in as much as possible. I listen to:

Playing Games. My husband and I are getting good use out of the games he got for Christmas, especially Tokaido and The Castles of Burgundy.

Exercise. I’m throwing myself back into a gym routine lately, battling the ugly outside and also a bout of depression I’m dealing with. Besides the other obvious benefits, it helps me stay more chipper and positive. I love my water aerobics classes, and I’ve also been doing some weight lifting.

Paring Down My Wardrobe. I am not a clothes horse, partially due to being more frugal and maybe because I almost always have a kid with me when I am trying to shop. I’m more likely to hit up eBay or ThredUp than the mall. But after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I attacked my winter wardrobe even more fiercely, weeding out anything that doesn’t make me feel confident or joyful when I wear it. I am basically wearing the same things every week, but they are things I love and honestly I don’t think ANYONE CARES. Or even knows. Because really, I don’t pay that much attention to what other people wear. And it really helps eliminate decision fatigue.

Katy Kinard’s Lullaby Hymns album. It’s from 2010, but we just discovered this album. The hymns are sweet and heartfelt, and it’s perfect music to put Joshua to sleep at rest time.

So what’s saving your life this winter?

5 thoughts on “What’s Saving My Life This Winter

  1. I am on such a tear with podcasts. I love them so much!! Good for you getting to the gym. I’m trying too. But it’s so hard. And food is so good. So good.

  2. I would say I generally survive winter, but I haven’t had many of them over the past 6 years. Previously, we spent 4 years in Northwest Montana where the winters last about 6 months. That was hard. This year, I’m enjoying Montana winter- not brutal like they usually are in this area, but enough cold & snow to feel like winter. It doesn’t hurt that I took a break for a trip to Thailand and had warm weather there.
    I just recently started listening to podcasts. (By that I mean about 10 days ago.) I had tried before & couldn’t really stay with it. I was going on a LONG trip with lots of flying & driving time. Due to motion sickness, I can’t watch movies on the plane or read on the car/bus. Audiobooks to the rescue! I decided to try some podcasts, and realized I like the ones that are interview. I listened to some French language learning podcasts, “Mudstories” and “What Should I Read Next.” Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to try some of them. Lots more travel in my near future!

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