Spring Fever

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source: Tom Magliery via Flickr Creative Commons

source: Tom Magliery via Flickr Creative Commons

I love living on a campus during the Spring.

The energy lingers in the air. The seniors, ready to flee, eventually get to shed their school uniforms for their normal apparel. Sporting events and last-minute get-togethers abound. Everyone wants to be outside, basking in the 80-degree Southern Spring. Summer plans fly like bluebirds.

It’s just plain fun to watch the students, simmering to a boiling point, ready to sprint off come June.

The transition time seems especially appropriate this Spring, as my belly grows with this fourth child. We’re going through some other transitions to our normal routine, too. It’s a hard growth, a fighting-the-change-kicking-and-screaming issue. On top of that, I’m glancing into next school year, seeing my BABY David hop on a bus to kindergarten. My REALLY A BABY, Joshua, will go to preschool. Yes, I’ll have another baby come October. But that doesn’t make them not my babies. And my ALWAYS MY BABY Libbie will be in second grade, which just sounds insane.

Leaning into this season is really, really hard.

I’m hoping as the Spring turns to Summer, I can unclench my fists a little and taste the joy of change. And being surrounded by teens, infectious in their joy at growing older and heading out, helps heal my heart just a bit.


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  1. Wow!! Congrats!!! Despite allergies galore I too like spring.. Just the happiness even the air smells happier..to me anyway

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