Hi Again, Third Trimester.

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Things I cried about yesterday:

  • David starting kindergarten. (Just thinking about it. He still has about 2 1/2 weeks.)
  • A sad part in Rilla of Ingleside.
  • Wanting Chinese food for dinner.
  • For sending my kids to bed early after they were being especially hooligan-like and disobedient.
  • That we are going to have more kids than we can afford.
  • That I may not be able to hold onto my sanity until the baby is born.

I feel absolutely enormous already. Mr. V says I just can’t remember the third trimester – it’s been 3 1/2 years since I was there with Joshua. I maintain I wasn’t as big with him (you can see my belly at 36 weeks in this post; I’m only 28 weeks right now). I have more time to think about being pregnant this time around, too; when I was pregnant with Joshua I had 4 and 2 year olds keeping me pretty busy 24/7.

Whether it’s memory loss or just that things are different, I am tiptoeing into the third trimester with some trepidation. This is my first pregnancy since Libbie that I haven’t been able to take my antidepressants (they make me wildly sick to my stomach for some reason), so I definitely feel less balanced – and that plus the lovely emotional turmoil and discomfort is a little frightening.

And yet, with baby four here, I am fairly positive I will make it through the next 12 or so weeks. I know I will be very uncomfortable, won’t be able to eat normally, will cry, and will want to sleep all the time. I am incredibly grateful that over the next few weeks, all three of our kids are going to be in school at least three days a week, so I will have time to get some much-needed rest. (And maybe do some cleaning and baby prep!) I am hoping and praying desperately that continuing in water aerobics and starting healthier will keep my back in check this time. I am giving myself a whole lot of grace and asking for help if I need it.

And I am enjoying those baby kicks. Because THIS IS THE LAST BABY. FOR REAL THIS TIME. 😉


2 thoughts on “Hi Again, Third Trimester.

  1. awwwww!! Jessie YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
    yes, YOU need to give yourself grace…and lots of sleep and just..WOW!! THINKING AND PRAYING for you and Mr. V!!!

  2. Hang in there! I think it’s really hard to be hugely pregnant in the summer. (I had one born July 15.) I never enjoyed pregnancy, childbirth, or the newborn stages, but after that, it’s always worth it. 😉

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