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So, me. You can call me Jessie … because that is my name. I am 35 and have been married since July 2004 to my darling Mr. Vanderbilt. We have a daughter, Libbie, who was born in October 2008; a son, David, who was born in December 2010; a second son, Joshua, born in March 2013; and a daughter, Hannah, born in October 2016.

Mr. V and I lived in Nashville for five and a half years while he worked on his doctorate at Vanderbilt University. (Hence, the “Vanderbilt Wife” part.) After some trying and traumatic times, including living apart for 5 months, we finally all settled in Chattanooga, where he works at a prestigious private high school. We live at the school currently, and Mr. V is a dorm parent to a hall full of high-school boys. It’s crazy, but we love it. I worked outside the home until we moved to Chattanooga when my daughter was about 14 months old. Now I stay-at-home full time and work as a freelance writer.

I started Vanderbilt Wife in 2006 as a way to make myself write more regularly. That is still my primary goal. I also want to support other women who feel more than a little imperfect, like myself. I am an awful housekeeper. I am lazy. I feel like a bad mother. And I talk about both trying to improve and my failures, as well as sharing memories, stories about my kids, and lots of recipes.

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Professionally, I was a copy editor for three and a half years. I am a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and social media manager. I have had articles published in HomeLife, ParentLife, and Living with Teenagers magazines and The Religous Herald newspaper; and have written leader guides for the Bible studies No Other Gods, When Wallflowers Dance, Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted, and David: Seeking a Heart Like His. I am a recipe editor for HomeLife magazine and have a monthly column in ParentLife.

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Here’s some memes I’ve done if you’re really bored and want to know REALLY random things about me.


9 thoughts on “About Jessie

  1. Oh how I needed to come across “you” today. I am also trying to be the housewife I am not. Today I needed to “meet” some one who is like me. Put me in the kitchen to cook or bake and I am happy. Put me there to clean and you lost me.

  2. nice to read your page. we recently moved to huntsville, AL. 2 of our daughters attended covenant college near you in chattanooga. one has had friends who worked at one of those 2 private schools. (don’t remember which one:(

    loved your story…can identify with many parts of it. hard! fortuntely God always seems to be faithful.

  3. Well, Vanderbilt Wife aka Jessie, I grew up in Nashville and worked at Vanderbilt Med School after college. That was long enough ago you probably weren’t even a spark in your parents’ eyes. I loved reading about you and yours, and I glory in your confession of not being a good housekeeper. At 67, I’m not either and don’t want to be, if I’m honest. I much prefer writing and connecting with online friends. Keep writing!

    • I am where you are too, Sherry! All I want to do is write..Christian articles for examiner.com, play with a collection of dolls, and be artistic ..I do do dinner and laundry etc but as simple as possible LOL! I too am 67..Nice to know others feel the same way:)

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