I Have So Many Questions about Paw Patrol

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Back in February, my now-4-year-old son, Joshua, was pretty sick. He didn’t have the flu, but he might as well have, because he ran a high fever for about 5 days straight. He was REALLY puny. And so I let him lay on the couch and watch what he wanted. And what he wanted was – what else? – PAW PATROL.

He’s more than slightly obsessed. And if you’re anything like me, you find yourself wondering so much about the logistics of these kids’ shows. 

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The Big List of Star Wars Songs for Kids

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Star Wars Playlist for Kids

My 5-year-old son, David, is obsessed with Star Wars. I mean, obsessed. Seen every movie, including number 7 on opening night (his birthday present). It’s basically all he talks about. He probably has more toys than is healthy and a Star Wars shirt for almost every day of the week. (When spring came, he was sad he didn’t have any short sleeve shirts. So we got this, this, this, and this from Amazon, because at the time they were all $3-5. Gotta love some Amazon.)

My greatest endeavor, however, was finding all the kid-appropriate Star Wars songs that I could. He and his 3-year-old brother ask to listen to this playlist constantly and have every song memorized. Since tomorrow is Star Wars Day (May 4th), I thought if you, too, were searching for this, I could help you out!

I think you can find these all under the “Star Wars Kids” list on Spotify under Jessica Weaver. But if you’re not a Spotify person, there are links to find the songs elsewhere, too.

  • “Yoda” – Weird Al – (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “The Saga Begins” – Weird Al (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “Oh, Lando” – Recess Monkey (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “Tatooine” – Phineas & Ferb Star Wars (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “Sith-inator” – Phineas & Ferb Star Wars (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “Star Wars Disco” – Little Apple Band (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “Star Wars” – The One World Ensemble (Amazon) (Just the theme played by someone else)
  • “Star Wars: A Capella Strikes Back” – BYU Noteworthy (Amazon / iTunes)
  • “Why Is Dad So Mad?” – The Board of Education (Amazon / iTunes)
  • “When I Was a Boy” – Drew Worthley (Amazon / album on iTunes) – Not strictly a Star Wars song, but it has a verse about it and is generally just a sweet song.
  • “The Greatest Story Ever Told” – Good Clean Fun (Amazon) – This is a punk rock song, and I don’t think there is any foul language in this song … but I can’t find the lyrics anywhere. My kids think it’s hilarious, and the chorus is fun, but here is your warning.
  • “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band” – Meco (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “The Empire Strikes Back (Medley)” – Meco (Amazon / album on iTunes)
  • “Lightspeed” – Joel Henriques (Amazon / iTunes) – This one isn’t available on Spotify, but we’ve heard it on Kids’ Place Live on SiriusXM.

Let me know if you’ve run across any kid-appropriate Star Wars songs that we’ve missed! Do you have a mini-Jedi at home?

My Kids’ Favorite Music

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Notice I did not title this MY favorite kids’ music. These are not necessarily the tunes I would choose, day in and day out. (I’m a big fan of The Rizers and Yancy, personally.) But these are the albums my kids ask me to play – especially in the car – over and over and OVVVEERR again.

kid music

Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band – Raffi

Who loves it? All my kids, but especially Joshua (almost 3).

Their Favorite Song: Joshua likes “5 Little Ducks,” because of all the quacking

My favorite: “De Colores,” because I have listened to this album so much I can sing a whole song in Spanish, which I have never studied.

This album was released in 1989. For reference, I was 7 years old in 1989, the age my oldest daughter is now. Ha! And I remember some of these songs, like “Apples and Bananas” from my childhood. (And “Baby Beluga” from Full House.) Despite the fact that it’s 25 years old, the album doesn’t really seem dated, other than the names-around-the-world in the song “Like Me and You.”

I’m not sure whether Joshua just likes it because he can say “Raffi” (or “Ralphie,” usually), but he will always ask for this one.

I’ve Got Music in Me – Jack Hartmann

Who loves it? It was Libbie and David’s favorite a few years ago.

Their favorite song? What they call “The Fish Song,” really “Five Little Fish.” They just call this whole album “The Fish Song.”

My favorite song? “Be the Best You Can Be.” Who can resist a song with a message?

Jack Hartmann composes and records songs from his role as a teacher. This album is from 1995, and while it teaches letter sounds, body parts, and more, it’s the album of his that seems most appropriate for the car and not the classroom. (Several of his others, like Math in Motion, have songs recorded with places for kids/teachers to fill in blanks, etc, if that makes sense.) This one is just music other than the last track, which is one of the songs in instrumental for performance. I credit Jack Hartmann with teaching David his letter sounds! Hartmann is kind of cheesy, but he knows what works, and we enjoy these songs a lot.

The Family Garden – Billy Kelly

Who loves it? All my kids (ages 7 to nearly 3)

Their favorite song? Probably a tie between “I’m Thinking of an Animal” and “Rock Lobster”

My favorite song? “That Old American Flag” – it is a sweet song about patriotism and family.

My LEAST favorite song? I hate “Straw,” because it’s a bunch of nonsense lies and I am rule-follower. But oh well. Haha.

Billy Kelly is pretty much insane, which might be a prerequisite for being a children’s artist. This goofy album celebrates gardening, flags, pen pals, and nonsense; remakes a few songs, like “Coney Island Washboard” and “Rock Lobster”; and adds some total nonsense with “Straw.”

The Merry Goes ‘Round – Jewel

Who loves it? Libbie (7)

Their favorite song? “Sammy the Spider”

My favorite song? “Snooze Button Blues.” Because every morning.

In her standard Jewel style, The Merry Goes ‘Round is folksy, with some pop and blues built in. She remakes the classics “O Susannah,” “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain,” and several other old favorites, while adding peppy tunes like “Sammy the Spider” and “Supermarket Song.” The album is kind of weighted toward the beginning tracks, in my opinion, but overall it’s a fun listen and one my kids are starting to get into.

The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band – Laurie Berkner

Who loves it? All of us, Mom included. We like many of her albums, but this one is a good compilation of the best tunes.

Their favorite song? Libbie – “Five Days Old”; David – “Buzz Buzz”; Joshua – “Boots”

My favorite song? “Victor Vito,” although they are all super catchy and you will find me singing “Moon Moon Moon” all the time.

According to Amazon, Laurie Berkner has nine albums for children. We listen to three of them on a regular basis, but this best-of compilation is really fun. My kids basically have every one of these songs memorized, and that includes the 2-year-old.


If we aren’t listening to Kids Place Live on the satellite radio, we are probably listening to one of these in the minivan. What are yours kids’ favorite tunes?



Top Ten How I Met Your Mother Moments

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I found this post in the archives. I think I wrote it originally in about 2010, before many of the HIMYM seasons aired. Even though the show is long gone, and I mourn the ending quite regularly, I thought it might be fun to stir up some old show memories. 

Have I mentioned lately that Mr. V and I are a wee bit obsessed with How I Met Your Mother?  Even if it hasn’t been great since, say, season 3, we are still devotees. And it definitely has its great moments, still. Last night I caught “The Pineapple Incident” episode in syndication and laughed my way through it.

In honor of Top Ten Tuesday, here are ten of my favorite moments from my favorite TV show. (Although I’ve been watching Modern Family and am almost caught up. And it’s definitely in the running for Best Show Ever.)

1. Marshall’s charts. (Season 4, episode “Right Place, Right Time.”) This is probably my favorite five seconds of the whole show.

2. Convincing Ted to go blonde. (Season 5, episode “Doppelgangers.”)


3. Unveiling of Slapcountdown.com. (The first clip on this video.) (Season 3, episode “Wait for It.”)

4. Marshall’s tribute videos. (Season 5, “The Sexless Innkeeper.”)

5. Barney makes up stories about his first time. (Season 2, episode “First Time in New York.”) – Barney tells the story of Dirty Dancing like it was his first “experience” because he was embarrassed about the real story.


6. Barney’s one-man show. (Season 2, episode “Stuff.”) – Barney makes Lily take back her word about saying only nice things about a friend’s play by putting on a long, one-man show mostly consisting of him saying the word “moist,” spraying people with a water gun, and being a robot.


7. Marshall “doesn’t sing everything he does.” (Season 3, episode “Spoiler Alert.”) – The gang spoils everyone’s views of the others by pointing out their biggest flaws.


8. Everyone makes fun of Ted as he shaves. (Season 3, “Wait for It.”) – As he shaves off portions of his “break-up beard,” Marshall and Lily mock Ted.


9. Revertigo (Season 3, episode “Sandcastles in the Sand.”) – Revertigo: when people revert to old versions of themselves when they’re with people from their past. (Language warning on this video.)

10. Barney’s weird proposal (Season 8, episode “The Final Page.”) – Yes, it was crazy. But sweet. In that Barney kind of way.


I realize this is so weighted toward the beginning of the series. A, because the beginning of the series is way better, especially season 2. And B, because I wrote the majority of this before about half the series aired. There are so many moments that I haven’t mentioned! If you’re a HIMYM lover, what’s a favorite moment of yours?

How God Is Like Babe the Pig

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Say WHAT? I know. You’ll have to stick with me on this one.

Today I started a 30-day challenge of writing Scriptures. This kind of copywork isn’t something I’ve really done before, but I do like to write out Scripture and quotes to help me really dwell on the words.

The first Scripture is Psalm 95:1-7. It’s a beautiful passage, including the words, “Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the LORD our maker,” which I can’t write without singing the tune in my head.

But what caught me today was the last verse, verse 7: “We are the people he watches over, the flock under his care. If only you would listen to his voice today!”

Psalm 95:7

It wasn’t long ago that I rewatched Babe, which has always been a favorite movie of mine. And since I don’t meet a lot of sheep in Chattanooga, I guess that’s why that flock popped into my head.

They’re an unruly bunch when we meet them, all baaing loudly about different things, not knowing life without a sheepdog nipping at their heels to bring them to some semblance of order. It turns out all they really needed was a dog who would listen and to respond in return. And they got that in Babe, the tiny, polite pig who ends up being a better sheepdog than any others on the farm – simply by talking to the sheep and asking them to do things.

I feel like this verse is speaking to us sheep, as we wildly roam around in confusion. Look! the author is writing. Just listen! You have no idea how simple it could be! We’re so used to chaos that we can’t embrace the leading of the Shepherd; we can’t imagine a life where things make sense. And all we would have to do is tilt our heads up and listen to His voice.

His yoke is easy, Matthew 11:30 says, another favorite verse of mine. His burden is light. That’s because HE is carrying it – not us. As long as we are letting Him remove it from our own tired shoulders.

So there you go. That’s how God is like Babe, the sheep-pig. I always knew Babe held a special place in my heart.

What I’ve Been Into: July

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I love these posts Mary does wrapping up her month, and since I’ve been a little low on writing inspiration lately, I thought I’d chime in for July.

Moving and travel summed up a lot of July for us. I was in Ohio and North Carolina, and moved apartments in the middle.

Here are some the books I read in July. City of Bones is the first in the Mortal Instruments series. It’s a young adult, fantasy series. I liked it enough that I think I’ll read at least a few more, but I wasn’t in love with them.

Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar took me a while to get into, but I found it incredible. It’s a retelling of the biblical story of Rahab and really going into what it would have been like for a Canaanite to become part of Israel. There was so much Truth in this book without it being preachy.

I listened to The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder in my car during all the travel. It’s by Rebecca Wells, the author of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I keep reading her books, hoping she’ll crank out another Ya-Ya book. No such luck. But it was enjoyable to listen to.

The last week, I’ve delved into my every-so-many-years rereading of the Harry Potter series. It just needs to happen. It makes me happy.

I’ve read a few other books, too, but you can read about them on my Read This Year page … when I get around to writing about all of them.

We’ve been making good use of our new Roku and watching Doctor Who on Netflix and New Girl on Hulu Plus. We’ve been itching to watch New Girl forever after missing it when it was on, and it definitely lives up to the hype. Hilarious. Doctor Who can be pretty amusing, too, and while it’s more Mr. V’s type of show, I really do like it, too.

I’m sort of having a hard time remembering whether it was in June or July, but we did go to see Brave in the theater (sans kids). Definitely loved it.

Other things I’ve loved this month:

  • listening to David try to sing the VeggieTales theme song. It is the CUTEST THING EVER. “Cer-eh-ree!”
  • Seeing my babies on the beach for the first time.
  • Swimming.
  • Wearing my two new maxi dresses to death.
  • Trying to stay up late enough to watching gymnastics on the Olympics.

What have you been into during July?