Seafood Entrees

Creamy Salmon Mac-and-Cheese

Posted on Apr 19th, 2010

Libbie and I were going to have salmon patties and macaroni and cheese for lunch. (Yep, that's what the menu plan said!)  And then I got a little…

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Menu Plan Monday / Parmesan Fish, Taco Bake

Posted on Sep 17th, 2008

Y'all, I just could NOT think about the menu yesterday. I tried. I really did. I even asked Miss Carolyn what I should make this week, as she is the…

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Roasted Salmon with Creamy Dijon-Shallot Sauce

Posted on Aug 18th, 2014

[pinit] Let's be honest: despite the shelves of cookbooks, I get nearly all my recipes from blogs. A couple of weeks ago I made a menu plan, went…

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Sweet and Sour Salmon & Pecan Chicken

Posted on Jul 21st, 2008

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pioneer Woman's lasagna? It received the greatest honor when recently we were at Grandma's house and I…

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Tilapia with Honey-Tangerine Sauce

Posted on Apr 3rd, 2011

Do you ever buy ingredients for a recipe ... and then not make it, for weeks? Or is that just me? I kept putting off making Sauteed Tilapaia with…

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