Into the Deep

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She gives everything hugs.

Blankets, dolls, a toy piano, her daddy. She cuddles everything close to her. She’ll even tuck her doll in with a blanket and pat him.

Her wide-mouth giggles when we tickle her make me giddy. She likes to try to tickle back, which makes me laugh even harder. Her nose crinkles, as it has since she was mere months old, and I can’t help but draw her close to me.

When it seems that my heart cannot hold any more, I see her smile, her serious thinking “fishy” face, even a pout, and I fall deeper in love.


I bought new jeans on Tuesday night. My new stay-at-home gig and Blissdom coming up and those still hanging around pounds were all demanding a classy pair of denim I could wear all the time. My most recent favorite pair I managed to get bleach on, and they’re also losing buttons. While there’s no way I will stop wearing them, I thought something slightly less worn would be nice for the conference.

I was thrilled to find some nice, dark, comfortable jeans Tuesday night at Ross for cheap.

Yesterday morning, Mom, Libbie, and I went to Panera for lunch. Walking from the car to the restaurant, I tripped, carrying Libbie, and landed hard on my right knee. And tore my brand-new jeans the first time I wore them.


It seems that I’m always falling lately. No control, I lay back and let life carry me. To the concrete, to the deep place in my heart, to a new city.

I fall.

Because I Said So, That’s Why.

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I’ve spent the last half an hour or so reading all of the July posts at Because I Said So. It’s lately become a pretty famous blog because the author (a) has 6 kids and lived to tell the tale so far and (b) put up this eBay auction for a pack of Pokemon cards that her kids threw in the grocery cart without her knowing and she wrote a long, hilarious story about it. The posts make me laugh so hard I cry, and everyone out in the hallway probably thinks I’m crying! Good times at work. Needless to say, I got everything done I wanted to today before that!

Is it really Wednesday already? I’m not sure I am ready to teach GAs tonight! I miss my girls from last year. I wasn’t expecting to have new girls thrown into the mix and I feel like our little group has been disbanded! Sad.

I managed to twist my ankle pretty good again last night at the gym. So typical! I know it’s weak but all I did was hop down from one of those slightly elevated platforms they have a Curves-type workout places, and it popped and my whole foot flopped on the ground. I guess I am going to have take up Granny-style workouts like water aerobics if I ever want to exercise. Maybe I am getting all of the harm to my body done now, and in 40 years I will be skinny and buff…maybe.

Time to get outta here and on to the next place. Like, home to clean out the fridge after the variety of insane things I cooked this week-end for the in-laws. Yesterday I came home and slept on the couch for an hour and a half. They wear me out! I need a weekend again already.