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Who does Joshua look like? I’ve been saying Libbie. But now I think they’re either all carbon copies, or all babies just look the same.

It’s been brought to my attention by my mother that I have the easiest birth recovery ever, it seems. I wish I had some secret formula to market it, but here we go: I feel great. I don’t feel let-down. I don’t leak. I have very little trouble nursing (Joshua’s actually been the hardest one, and it took him about a day and a half to get it). I lose all the pregnancy weight immediately. And with my other two, I hardly even bled after I got home.

Apparently that’s all abnormal.

If I just liked being pregnant, having babies would be easy!

Why is there real TV programming on at 3 a.m. but not 6 a.m.? Doesn’t 6 seem like a more reasonable time to be awake than 3?

I’ve watched a lot of Food Network.

Miss 4-year-old may never recover from all this excitement. Her decibel level has been raised 300%, mean-ness to David 400%, desire to obey is at -500%.

But all in all? Things are good.


This dude is seriously cute and sweet.

I’ll be running some guest posts over the next weeks, so stay tuned!

All Shook Up Over You

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I was a senior in college, sitting in a cushy chair in our large school library (and probably drinking a valencia mocha, a vice that may have caused much of my college weight gain) when the ground shook.

It was a decent rumble. Enough that everyone looked at one another in confusion. “Was that an earthquake?” we asked one another. I chalked it up to construction work on campus as one girl loudly declared “I am from California and that was NOT an earthquake, idiots!” (Or something like that with basically the same emphasis.)

It was an earthquake.

There wasn’t much to it. It rattled the bookshelves of our on-campus apartment and woke my roommate from a nap. Nothing damaged, nothing to fret over. But it was the first time I’d felt the earth tremble like that.

Today, it took approximately 30 seconds to verify on Twitter that yes, what we felt was an earthquake. I am at my parents’ house in central Pennsylvania, and here is how it played out:

Me: Is David under my chair?
Mom: No.
Me: Hm, OK. (as I still feel my heavy armchair shaking somewhat)
(Two minutes later)
Mom: Dad says we just had an earthquake.
Me: (gets on Twitter)

Amusing at it is to watch Twitter get up in arms about who REALLY felt the quake and who didn’t and what caused it (the break-up of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith being the obvious answer), I’m glad the largest tremble I’ve felt could be mistaken for a shaking washing machine. Now we can move on to worrying about Hurricane Irene.

Do you have an earthquake story?
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Right Now

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(source: isacosta)

I’m kind of a mess right now.

You know what’s happened in the last two weeks? We found out we were moving. I’ve been in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (and Kentucky, if you count driving through). I’ve attended my precious grandma‘s memorial service and internment. I’ve seen my husband only a handful of times. I’ve packed boxes and boxes.

And on top of all of this, I managed to throw my back out on Sunday morning, rendering me basically useless in the care and feeding of my children. I haven’t even been nursing David, because I am on muscle relaxers. (I am, of course, pumping and dumping so my supply will stay up and I should be able to feed him again as of tonight.)

My hair is a mess, I’m worried I won’t be able to do any of the fun things we had planned for my trip to my parents’, and I hate making people wait on me. I’ve been on enough long car trips to last me a few years.

On the good side, I’ve read three great books in the last two weeks.

But really? I’m kind of a mess right now.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Ode to Dillard’s Lingerie Department

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Just slightly over seven years ago, I was trying to find lingerie for my honeymoon. I was virginal in the most literal way; frankly, the thought of anyone – even my soon-to-be-husband – seeing me without my clothes on seemed utterly frightening.

After one short trip, I realized lingerie shopping with my mom was about as comfortable as eating a banana peel (sorry, Mom, you know I love you, but it’s true). So I ventured out to Ye Olde Victoria’s Secret all by my lonesome.

I felt like I tried on everything in the store to no avail. Apparently there just aren’t a lot of double D-women shopping there for untrashy lingerie. My chest ranneth over.

I’m thinking all this medieval language is my way of making talking about lingerie shopping not embarassing for myself, by the way.

The tears I fought started to spill until I reached the depths of Dillard’s department store. It was like angels started singing as the kindest women I had ever met sought out for me the perfect honeymoon ensembles. I told them the absolute truth and they catered to my every need. I just remember the ache of relief I felt as I left, bags in hand. I could have hugged all of the saleswomen.

Flash forward, oh, seven years and a few weeks. I am once again dealing with My Least Favorite Part of Breastfeeding. For the better part of a year I’ve been battling bras. I try them on. They don’t fit. I order online, which is just about the only place I can find my size. They don’t fit.

Yesterday in Kohl’s, I started to cry. Is there seriously no one else in America with a large chest who’d like to be able to try on her undergarments before purchasing them? I don’t think I’m that much of an anomaly. I mean, really!

Stifling the tears, I saw a mall Dillard’s across the road. I decided to make one last stop.

And you know what? Those same tears welled back up as I saw THEY HAD BIG CUP SIZES. Like, more than one style. Many. Not only that, the sweetest saleswoman I’ve encountered in over seven years came to my side and blessed me with her kind spirit and helpful hands.

I guess this is all to say, thank you Dillard’s. Thank you for stocking items you might not sell all the time just for women like me. I hereby pledge allegiance to your lingerie department. You rock.

And you should give Elayne at the Valley Hills Mall a raise.

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Pinterest; or, Like I Need Another Thing to Do Online

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Have you heard of Pinterest? It seems that, as usual, I’m slightly behind the social-media times. (See: Twitter.) So many of my blogging friends have already joined Pinterest and written tutorials that there would be no reason for me to do the same.

So, if you’re on Pinterest, look me up. I am – what else – Vanderbilt Wife.  Something I’m trying to do that might interest you is a visual menu plan. For example, here are all the recipes I had planned for 6/27 to 7/10 (I plan and shop two weeks at a time).

As I cook the recipes, I’m trying to remember to go and leave a little review. If you love cooking, like me, you might find these useful! Just having pictures of all those recipes I had bookmarked in various places on my Yummy in the Tummy and Dips Apps Dessert boards has been wonderful. So much easier for menu-planning purposes. I’ve already tried several recipes I’d been thinking about for months. Having them stare me in the face with their goodness was enough for me to take the plunge and cook!

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve discovered through Pinterest:

Ladybug Party at Bee in Our Bonnet
Balsamic and Onion Potroast at Kalyn’s Kitchen
Super Duper Monster Rubber Stamp at Etsy

So tell me … do you Pin? 

And P.S. I WILL be back with “Why I Friday” this week! Get your posts ready to link up!

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