$20 Amazon Gift Card for $10!

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I don’t usually post many deals, but this one was too good NOT to give you a heads up about!

Today Living Social is offering a $20 Amazon gift card for $10! That’s basically free money since you can buy almost anything on Amazon!

Living Social is a Groupon-esque deal site that has great offers. If you don’t already subscribe to their emails, it’s definitely worth it!

So go snag some Amazon cash!

I Think the Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

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A few weeks ago, I went to the Once a Month Mom Tweet-Up in Atlanta. It was great fun, and there were some wonderful door prizes. I won a little bag from Skin Solutions. Which, honestly, I was not that excited about. I am notoriously bad at taking care of my skin.


Then, last weekend I had the privilege to attend the Face2Face event hosted by Robin of Pensieve. The event was to publicize Therapon Skin products. Therapon is social-media-savvy, and they are utilizing some great bloggers on their own blog, as well as hosting three of these events across the country.

I was excited about getting a free massage, but found the true gem of the day was getting a blissful facial. The one facial I had ever had before this was in Mexico on our honeymoon and was not a pleasant experience. Comparatively, this facial was heaven. I loved the mild scents of the products, the feeling of having my rough skin polished off, and especially the results.

My skin looked awesome! Seriously! I don’t have a ton of blemishes or real issues, but after the facial I was glowing. And it lasted. And I Tweeted.

I am doing something now that I have almost never done: using skincare products every day. (OK, so the instructions say wash your face twice a day, but THAT sounds like hard work.) I think my skin looks amazing, better than it ever has. I am sold on this Therapon stuff. It is all-natural, and I love that! It smells great but is not overpowering at all.

I thought maybe I should go ahead and open my Skin Solutions bag, too, after I made this exciting new discovery that washing your face does make it look nicer. I appreciate the Solar Recovery spray and lip exfoliater from them, too! I am sure the recovery spray will come in handy this summer. And after labor and during nursing, I am positive I will need some major lip upheaval.

So, this is my revelation: it’s good to wash your face. Who knew? Thanks Therapon and Skin Solutions for nudging me in the right direction.

This post is unsponsored and unbiased and no one asked me to write it. I get no money if you buy anything from either of these sites. Just my opinions!

Saturday Linky Love

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Here’s your thought for Friday night: Don’t go to a high-school football game when you’re 34 weeks pregnant. I was pretty much unable to breathe sitting on the bleachers. The bathroom line was really long. And being around teenagers kind of scares me.

Here are some posts I really liked this week:

And posts I have spared you this week:

  • “How I Am Going to Have to Sue My Homeowners Because They Do Not Understand Renter’s Rights” (No, we won’t really sue them. But it’s getting old.)
  • “Why Can’t I Get Through a Hypnobabies CD Without Falling Asleep?”
  • “I Know Being Rich Wouldn’t Make Me Happy, But Right Now It Would Be Nice to Have Some Cash.”
  • “Libbie’s Christmas and 2 Year Pictures”–oh wait! I did post about that. It’s just on my personal blog. (I say that as if this ISN’T a personal blog. It is! Just not where I share pictures of Libbie gratuitously.)

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win $30 credit to Mint Julep Monograms by Friday! And the ongoing list of “giftable giveaways” has been updated. Sorry I have not posted it again this week if you were looking for it.

Added to Saturday Stumbles at It’s Come 2 This.


This and That and Some Other Stuff

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We’ve been without pacifier since Friday. I didn’t expect to just pull it away from Libbie completely; however, like her mother, I think she doesn’t understand things in small quantities. I know as soon as she sees a paci again it will be all she talks about. So we just cut it off cold turkey.

It has not been a walk in the park.

She (technically) only had it for naptime and bedtime since 12 months (when I wrote this post). But lately it seemed like she was asking for it ALL THE TIME. I was exasperated. So we told her, “Pacifiers are for babies” and took it away.

It’s night 6 … and she’s wailing in the crib. I want to cry too.


And now, for a few things that will make me some pennies but hopefully be helpful to you, more importantly!


Savvy Source is sort of like Groupon, only aimed entirely to family-friendly activities. They’ve just launched their program in 20 cities. Not Chattanooga, of course (sigh), but the cities do include Nashville and Atlanta. These offers last a few days and give you a good discount on some great family-friendly activities in your city (or a city near you)! You can sign up to get emails when new offers are available.


I LOVE Heavenly Homemakers. Laura is an incredible, godly woman who also happens to be raising (and homeschooling) four sons AND feeding all of them whole foods. Right now, she’s offering her e-book on Gardening and Preserving the Harvest for just $5! So if you’re into canning … as I one day hope to be … I know it’s a great resource from a great person. Use the code PRESERVE at check-out.


I thank you for your continued support here at Vanderbilt Wife. I appreciate every time you click on one of those affiliate links! Because it helps pay the bills in a little bitty way. But more, I appreciate your emotional support when I write stuff like this and don’t even know what I’m trying to say. Y’all are awesome.


In case you missed me chatting about these on Facebook or Twitter, I had two guest posts up yesterday at two sites that mean a lot to me! The first was a sort-of testimony at (in)courage, a blog I just adore. Secondly, I talked about being a new mom and needing a mentor at the ParentLife blog. You need to click over to that post just to see the picture of days-old Libbie with a scrunchy sleepy face. But it’s also important because I am now MANAGING their blog! It’s been very exciting and fun, and I hope you’ll subscribe to see all the great parenting advice flowing from there.

I think that’s PROBABLY enough jibber-jabber for tonight. Thanks for putting up with me. 🙂


I Miss Back Then (?)

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Do you remember back when you could sleep as long as you wanted on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon?

When you could eat breakfast without little hands grabbing for it, even though they’ve just eaten everything else in the refrigerator? Back when I was pregnant with Libbie, I never would have imagined not fueling up for the rest of the day. I was hungry, therefore I ate. Now, sometimes it’s too much trouble to take three bites of a granola bar.

When you could fit two or even three people in the backseat of your car, you didn’t have to pack diapers to leave the house, and cutting through the living room did not involve wading through a sea of Little People, blankets, puzzle pieces, and baby dolls?

Laundry day was once a week, you wore clean clothes and high heels to the office, and the words pacifier weaning (or blankie weaning) had never crossed your mind.

You were never embarrassed because your child was trying to climb on the table at a Mexican restaurant while wailing at the top of her lungs (not that it’s ever happened to us … yesterday).

And yet

And yet ….

There were no sloppy wet kisses on the lips, or after-bath bear hugs, or tiny toes to tickle.

You didn’t spend half the day laughing at a toddler learning to talk and her hilarious combination of words into sentences.

You and your spouse didn’t look at each other with amazed smiles, thinking, “THIS is a combination of our DNAs. We sort-of MADE this little, laughing, wriggly thing.”


What did we laugh about as we fell asleep? Whose shoes were we constantly searching for? And why, on God’s green earth, wasn’t my house clean?

Some days, the Old Life seems peachy-keen. But I’ll take this side any day. There’s a lot more laughing, a lot more love, and a lot more pink.