Just Write (But Hurry.)

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It’s Tuesday and the theme of the last few days has been hurry, hurry. And a definite lack of sleep. David has been teething something awful plus the time change plus we can’t seem to find a happy medium temperature between the radiators and the AC/fan units. I worry the kids are hot. I worry they are cold. I worry.

My tremor is worse than it’s ever been as I try to hold onto the papers and check Scriptures at the same time. So many Scriptures in this Bible study. Most of them right but I don’t want to let any errors pass by. That is my job, after all. I am pretty sure after this one I am done with editing for a few years. My home has gone to the dogs. I can’t sacrifice bad wife bad mom bad housekeeper for a couple hundred bucks.

I frantically fold clothes this morning as I have 312 things to do before noon. But I stop and think and thank. I am thankful for healthy babies with adorable clothes. I thank God that I have a washer and dryer and hangers and for those beautiful kids I prayed for that I can dress. Even if one won’t barely stay still to get dressed and the other dresses herself in such lovely concoctions I claimed that for Halloween she was “a toddler who insists on picking out her own clothes.” Not worth the battles.

There are still those 312 things and yet for a minute I close my eyes, let the tremor stop in my left hand, rest my hands on the black keyboard and just breathe. Because it is a glorious Indian Summer-November, because yesterday we had a blast letting a baby doll fly down the slide, because Libbie has wild curly blonde hair that is perfect, because the leaves on the trees on the mountains are so gloriously magical that I can’t see them without adoring Him and making it a Bible lesson.

And she said, it is good.

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1000 Gifts Bringing Focus

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After reading Ann’s treatise on giving thanks, I know there is nothing I can do that will help my heart more.

Some days my heart longs a little too much in one way or another. One morning I am so tired I ask Jesus if He could consider just coming back now so I can stop being filled with the ache of sleep-wishing. Other days I long for material things: a laptop, a nanny, a cleaning service, grassfed beef.

I am fickle, I can be reckless, and some days I yell. I worry about breaking the spirit of my precious girl and not knowing how to parent a son.

Giving thanks, it brings focus.

So continuing from Finding Thanks in Bugs, I will be counting my gifts, my thankful moments. A place to come and journal each week and a place to remember.

9. The sweet face of the sleeping baby in the gently rocking swing.

10. A neighbor offering celery so I don’t have to load and unload carseats another time.

11. The spin of the washing machine while I am free to type and think. My great-grandmother didn’t have that same privilege!

12. The taste of perfectly ripe cantaloupe.

13. Watching my curly-haired daughter “get” her first egg hunt on a blustery Saturday morning.


14. Holding her jelly bean up in the air, as instructed.


15. Letting Daddy take over baby duty at 3 a.m. so I could have 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

16. Swiping some M and Ms from Libbie’s basket of candy.

17. Joy of a two-year-old with a new rainjacket, bought mostly with credit on Zulily.


18. An imperfect cross of eggshells.


19. Getting home safely during an angry thunderstorm.

20. The house situation possibly coming to a close … at least within the next few months.

21. Making tortillas with an eager helper.


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Give thanks

With a grateful heart

Give thanks

To the Holy One

Give thanks

Because He’s given

Jesus Christ, His Son

For nature and nurture, for family and friends, for food on the table and a house that won’t sell, for a sweet, healthy daughter and employed loving husband, for a job until January and especially for my Lord forever, I give thanks.

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This will also be posted at The Gypsy Road, where you can find me each Thursday.

A Grateful Heart and a Stack of Coats

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Most of the time now, I feel poor.

If I sit back, it feels silly. We have enough money to pay a mortgage and a rent, drive back and forth to Chattanooga, pay a baby-sitter, all of our utilities, for groceries, and for a little fun. We eat out every Sunday after church–that’s built into our budget.

I’ve seen true poverty. In 1999, I took my very first plane trip ever at the age of 17 to the Dominic Republic for a mission trip. There, as a part of World Changers, my group helped construct the second story of a small green church with cinderblocks and cement. We walked through the neighborhood, feeling the desperation. We saw the slums, houses made of tin caked together with mud. I saw a Haitian family of 10 living in a hut with pigs and chickens.

Since then, I’ve been to Thailand, where I saw the aftermath of a terrible tsunami. I saw where five people slept on one bed and had to pee in a hole in the ground. I’ve been to rural China, where there are no lights after dark and I slept on the guest bed–made of logs and bags of rice. I’ve seen hungry children in Nashville who just want to find the safe place their home isn’t.

Considering all these things, feeling poor is almost indulgent.

One of my friends gave me a coat for Libbie yesterday. I sat there, staring at it, thinking about how she would have five coats by Christmas (I know my parents have purchased one for her)–including a boutique one, one from Mini Boden, and two from Gymboree. There are little girls out there Libbie’s age who don’t have one coat.

I am so thankful for the abundance we have been given. I am learning more and more to embrace simplicity and let God plan our lives. And I want to share what we have been given. That’s why we sponsor a child with Compassion. And that’s why I hope you’ll give me some ideas as to where I could donate a few precious little girl’s coats.

Mary is hosting a carnival each Thursday through Thanksgiving on giving thanks. I hope you’ll consider going and reading her post on Compassion today.

It’s My Birthday, and I’ll Top Ten if I Want To

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I’m almost ashamed to confess to y’all how spoiled I am. Out of my “Top Ten Birthday Gifts I Probably Won’t Be Getting,” I’ve received quite a few! I got at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep the last two nights, as my mom and sister took over baby duty until it was time to feed her. My DH got a job. He also got me a Sirius radio–which I really did not expect. Broadway, here I come!! And my in-laws gave me a soundtrack, a Springform pan, and Babette’s Feast.


So, for Top Ten Tuesday, here are ten things for which I am so grateful, spanning all 27 years of my life.

1. Having Christian parents who have raised me as a believer. They have also exhibited a wonderful Christ-honoring marriage and showed me a great example of how to parent.

2. An amazing, godly husband who honors me, adores me, and whom I love ridiculously.

3. The gift of my baby daughter, who has filled my lifelong dream of being a mom and is the sweetest little chunk you’ve ever seen.

4. And, of course, a dear sister and friends whom I love a lot.

5. That God is active and dwelling in me, and He speaks–still! [More on this later this week.]

6. God-given talents that will allow me to work at home while I stay with Libbie (and write this blog, which somehow people find read-worthy!).

7. A very fun blogging community. I’ve been so thankful this year to meet new friends, learn about the blogging business, and get to have feedback on questions from hundreds of people!

8. For church communities that have helped raise me and now will help me raise my own children. We’ve been extremely blessed to have spent the last five years in an amazing, faith-filled congregation.

9. For Netflix. OK, you know I had to have one goofy thing. But how cool is it to be able to watch any movie I want for $14.95 a month! (My current obsession is watching the entire Gilmore Girls series, which I never saw when it was on TV. I’m nearing the end of Season 3!)

10. For a hope and a future.

For more Top Ten Tuesday, hop over to OhAmanda.


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Today I am incredibly grateful for:

  • beautiful cool weather and being able to open the windows to air out the house
  • amazing lunch with the best ice cream I’ve ever had (and mango flavor to boot) with great company
  • my baby daughter is still thriving inside and we’ve had zero problems with this pregnancy
  • a nice, comfy couch on which to rest
  • Netflix
  • cuddles with my puppy
  • a hubby who adores me for some unknown reason
  • that my mom is coming in five days!
  • a weekend

What are you grateful for today?